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Saturday 8 October 2011


Hi everyone

What a chilly end to last week.  It is hard to believe we were basking in hot temperatures a week ago - wouldn't believe it if someone told you about it, would you?  The days have been sunny, but the nights are a bit nippy - not much fun and certainly not t-shirt weather.

As always a big thank you to my blog followers, and a welcome to my new ones.  It's lovely to share my blog with you.  Plus, a big thank you to everyone who leaves comments on my blog - they are very welcome and I do look forward to reading them.

I joined the Professional Crafters Guild this week - very pleased with that - and you can see my lovely gold button at the top right of my blog.  The guild was established to raise the profile of crafting to a profession, not just a hobby.  This is great as often our work tends to be looked at as a side-line rather than the business it actually is.  Members are encouraged to raise the awareness of the beautiful handmade crafts which are made by people with a passion for their work.

I have also joined, which is a social enterprise providing the opportunity for professional and amateur crafts people to promote their work, skills and ideas.  This is a world-wide organisation and I am looking forward to the amazing variety of work that will be showcased.

No pictures of cards today, although I have made lots they are similar to ones already posted this week.  However, I did want to show you a photograph I took of the Parthenocissus quinquefolia we have growing in our garden.  At this time of year it is stunning and as it covers a trellis that is approximately 12' long, you can imagine it looks amazing - just like a blazing fire.   Although I love the colours of autumn, the rich reds, browns, shades of gold, they are in a way quite sad as they are so colourful because they are dying.  Nonetheless they are magnificent - the colours range from the Spring and Summer shade of green/dark green through bronze and into deep, dark red.

The really interesting thing is that we have seedlings in the garden that should not be growing until Spring.  My geraniums are still in full-flower, but really need to be watchful at this time of year as the first frost will kill them.  So, pretty soon it will be into the greenhouse with them and hope they survive the winter.

We are moving towards the Wear it Pink day and if you have a look back through my recent posts, you will see further references to this and information about other crafters taking part.  Don't forget, if you live in the Normandy area to come along to the Wyke Primary School Shopping Evening on 19 October - 10% of the value of my sales at the event will be donated to the Wear it Pink cause.  Have a look at the Wear it Pink website for more information about what is taking place on 28 October.

Enjoy today everyone - I will be back tomorrow with my Handmade Monday post.



  1. Just had to comment, would have been rude not to. Enjoyed your post Jill and hope your event is a good one, see you Tuesday (got the day right now)

  2. Thank you , Caroline. Have a good day - see you on Tuesday.

  3. Congrats on joining the Professional Crafters Guild! Your plant looks great - I love the colours.


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