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Wednesday 31 July 2013


Hello everyone

I like this cool weather - not too sure about the rain though, although Jill keeps saying it is good for the garden.  What about it NOT being good for cats?  I don't like the rain - I stay inside and sleep.  Daisy stays inside too, but when she sleeps she snores!

This week's big news is that it is my birthday on Friday!  I will be one year old.  I wonder what my pressies will be?  A mobile phone?  An iPad?  A smart pair (or two) of trainers?  Driving lessons?  I have a sneaky feeling none of those will be next to my breakfast bowl on Friday, but I can dream.  Talking of dream, perhaps I will get a packet of Dreamies - now that would be very nice.

Coco and Poppy are enjoying living with us - Poppy is very chatty, Coco not so much.  They both like to play with me, and Coco climbs trees!  However, Jill had to rescue her from the apple tree this morning - that was so embarrassing and I have told all of the neighbourhood cats!

I have been helping Jill sort out a booking for a Wedding Fayre this morning - whatever that is - and I have missed out on some play time, so I'm off.  Have a good week everyone and don't forget to check out the cats and kittens on Woking Cats Protection website - there are lots on there who need a lovely new home.

I'll be back next week.


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