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Wednesday 30 October 2013


Hello everyone

We survived the storm without any damage - although heavy flower pots in our front garden travelled a few feet!  Jill and Richard told us that quite a few trees had been blown over in the roads around us, but that we had been very lucky.  Good news, because some of us Pie cats like to climb trees.  I hope everyone who reads my diary didn't suffer any losses or problems because of the bad weather.

Jill took part in the Woking Cats Protection Christmas Fayre on Saturday and fame struck me again!  A visitor to the event spoke to Jill about her blog and said that they read my posts.  Jill said something to me about my head getting too big - I don't understand that, but I rather like being famous.

I have been very well behaved recently, no birds, frogs or other creatures have disappeared because of me - am I losing my touch or are they all wise to me and keeping out of the way?  I am still building up my collection of feathers - well I would if they stayed where I left them!  Every time I bring in another one, the previous one has disappeared.  Is there a sneaky feather thief around here?  Or, even worse, perhaps the birds they originally belonged to are taking them back?

Time for me to go out to play - I have had to come home earlier each day this week because night time seems to be arriving earlier than last week.  Something to do with those clocks going back to wherever clocks go to at this time of year.

Have a good week everyone - see you next Wednesday.


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  1. You do write a very fine blog, Milly. Take care though, another storm on the way x.


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