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Wednesday 10 September 2014


Hello everyone

What a day!  We had no Internet connection today from early morning until about 4.00 pm.  Jill was behaving, in her words, as though her right arm had been cut off.  Not sure what that is supposed to mean, except that it sounds rather painful, but she was a very happy person when she was able to get back online.  Yet again, these human things confuse and surprise me!

My big best pal Jazz is feeling much better after his trip to the vets on Sunday.  He is so lucky, he gets fresh chicken for his meals - I offered him fresh pigeon, but he wasn't very keen on that.  He may be enjoying the chicken, but I don't think he is as keen on having the tablets twice a day!  Never mind, Jazz, only two more days to go - a shame because I have been pinching some of the chicken and very tasty it is too.

We don't have any any foster-kittens here at the moment - our last two, Boris and Barry, went to their new home on Tuesday and I am sure, like the sensible boys they are, they are now in charge.  That's just the way it should be.  Cats rule! 

Because of this business with Jill's arm being cut off, my post is a little short this week.  I am off to bed now - we kittens need our beauty sleep.  Well, actually I don't because I am beautiful no matter what happens, but I do need to tuck Jazz in and make sure he has taken his second tablet of the day.

Have a good week everyone - see you next week.


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  1. I've missed something - what's up with Jazz? Glad normal service has been resumed x.


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