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Monday 1 February 2016


Hello everyone

Sitting here putting the final touches to Saturday's event and reading the posts on a couple of blogs that I follow, made me realise that it really is about time I pulled my finger out and blogged.  I have often said that I love blogging, yet it is five months since my last post.  Five months!

I am glad 2015 has been put to bed - it was not a good year.  Early in the year my sister was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD).  Although she had a feeling for some time that it was a possibility, we were hoping she was wrong.  Although we have been told it is not hereditary, that is not always correct: our grandmother had it and an uncle has it, so it has travelled through three generations.  It has been very hard to watch someone who was full of beans, here, there and everywhere, become someone that has had the stuffing knocked out of them.  Life for her has by necessity become calmer and slower; like all PD sufferers she has good days and bad ones, in fact she can have a good hour, followed by a bad one.  If she has a good day and does too much because she feels well, she will pay for it with one possible two or three bad days.  How cruel is that?

 A few months after this a good friend had a stroke - it was a minor one, but enough to make her
and us realise how something can just kick you in the teeth when you are least expecting it and cause you to make major life-changes.  She is healthy, plays golf two or three times a week, gardens whenever possible and the very last person we would have expected this to happen to.  How do you plan if you cannot see what is around the corner?

My turn next.  I, like lots of people, have IBS (apparently 1 in 5 people suffer from this) and at the beginning of the year it was particularly bad, but I put it down to life being very stressful at the time.  Around mid-year it became so painful that I had to go to the docs's.  Tests were carried out, one of which threw up something that prompted a speedy colonoscopy (oh, boy, a never to be repeated 'exercise' - I hope).  The diagnosis was (is) Diverticulitis - thankfully not as bad as we had originally thought, but not great.   Interesting really because apparently I still have IBS and one requires a high fibre diet but the other requires a low fibre diet - very challenging.  (Research tells me that diverticular disease is very common and most people have no symptoms).  I know people will wonder why I am writing about something relating to 'that part of the body', but, hey, we all go to the loo and if I meet you and suddenly have to run off, it's nothing personal, I just have to go.

So a year of life-changing events all round.  These together with the dishwasher packing up, swiftly followed by the washing machine doing the same and then one oven on our 'just out of guarantee' range deciding to join them, meant an interesting end to 2015 and an expensive start to 2016.

Well, 'they' say everything goes in three's so three health events and three kitchen disasters must mean we have had our quote for a long time - please.

Lots more to write about, but time to get back to finalising Saturday's event.

Have a good week everyone.



  1. Your 2015 sounds like my 2014! Not that 2015 was all that exciting either.
    BTW, keeping up with the CYBER-side is a chore all round. - I was doing my blog daily... I've got about 2yrs worth in "DRAFTS"! My PINs haven't been touched in almost a year. And my "tweets" have also gone south for several seasons! And, all because any spare time is spent on "making", when not ELDERLY-PARENTAL-HERDING. [Dad has PD too and Mom's an IBS-er as well. I'm just waiting to see what genetic time-bombs show up in my life!]
    Anyhoo, hang in there! And I hope 2016 turns out to be the GOOD kind of "Flush"! :-D

    1. Thank you Auntie Shan, let's hope 2016 is good for both of us.

  2. Sorry to hear all your bad news. I didn't much enjoy 2015 either, so I definitely will join you in crossing fingers for a better 2016!

    1. It was a grim year, wasn't it. Wish it was rather like a computer in that you could delete the file called 2015. Many thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Nice to see you back, seems like 2015 was a bit of a bummer for you (pun intended)
    Here's hoping that there are more good days for you all than bad. :)
    Jan x

    1. I like a pun - a very good one too. Many thanks for visiting my blog. I feel I have neglected it for far too long.

  4. OK, so that's all the bad stuff out of the way now for a fabulous 2016. Good health to you and yours and a wonderful new venture to start the year x.


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