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Saturday 9 July 2011


Hi everyone

I suppose I have been blogging for about 2 years, and started off with a blog using my previous business name (won't mention it) only to find that it was too similar to another business and I changed to Christmas Pie Crafts.  Not really a problem as I had been planning on changing it for some time to a name that was appropriate to a range of handmade products, rather than just greetings cards.  Then I set up another blog, but wasn't overly happy with that one so I returned home to Blogger and set up a brand new blog - and here it is.

I am still making greetings cards, they are still on sale at the Bourne Mill Antiques Centre in Farnham, and I am still working on my web site!  But, some good news (well for me) I am giving up my 'day job' from the end of August.  I still need to be a little bit of a wage-slave, but I aim to spend more time on my business.  I would really like to sell my cards in small local shops, perhaps florists as they will compliment their products, small newsagents who may like cards that are a little bit different, and at local events and, eventually, from my website.

For a while I had been making decoupaged/painted picture frames and gift boxes, but I am leaving this for a while as need to concentrate on card stock - however, I will take my frames and boxes to events to see if they are popular.  I am also planning to offer wedding stationery as part of my business: invitations, save the date cards, orders of service, etc.  I will put pics of my cards and other products on my blog so that you can see the type of work I do.

Earlier this year I organised an event at Normandy Village Hall with a friend (Caroline from Caroleecrafts).  We worked our socks off, almost literally, and it wasn't the success we had hoped for, although we had some lovely stallholders take part and feel that we helped raise the profile of handmade.  However, hopefully in the not too distant future event organisation will be back on the agenda.

In a nutshell that is me up-to-date.  Lots of plans for the future, lots of great ideas to make my business a success, so keep checking regularly to see what is happening with Christmas Pie Crafts.  Better still, why not follow me?

Have a great weekend


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