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Sunday 17 July 2011


Hi everyone

Such a shame about the weather.  Is this July - seems more like October.  However, the grass is looking very green (must be the moss) and the flowers are doing really well - lovely not having to water everything.

A great day yesterday.  We had a family bash to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary (which was earlier this month).  Despite the horrible forecast, we did manage to sit out in the sunshine (yes, we had sunshine) and had a BBQ.   Amazing.  It was great fun, and so lovely to see everyone and although it was hard work, we had a great time and the day disappeared too quickly. Hard to believe we have actually been married for so long!  And survived!

Working three days this week in the 'day job' and then off until beginning of August - thank goodness.  Both of us are off together for the last week of July, lots to do in the garden, but will do lots of relaxing too and hope the weather is good.

Very little, in fact nothing, done in the crafting area this week.  However, after our 'hols' will be back to planning and plotting what to do next to move my business forward - more important than ever now as I am giving up the 'day job' at the end of August.  I am soooo looking forward to not having the stress and hard work of another academic year - I am sure there will be times when I will miss it, but the very, very early mornings and the very, very late nights will not be missed at all, especially in winter.

Am planning on completing a calligraphy course during the summer, think it would be a lovely addition to my cards and something I could do at events to personalise cards for customers.  Also want to get more into embossing and have bought some gorgeous coloured pastes and stencils.  So watch this blog for some pics over the next couple of months.

Have a good week everyone


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  1. Shame about the weather Jill but could be worse could be snowed in!!! Have a happy crafting week after the day job


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