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Friday 16 March 2012


Eva Godden, who organises travel in three countries, Italy, Cyprus and Hungary, for discerning guests.  Eva is writing about Luguria, the best kept secret and a hidden gem in the Italian Riveria.

Hello everyone

I am passionate about travel; it broadens the mind and travel experiences teach us to be more tolerant towards other nations.  Understanding their customs brings better communications, which is vital in our troubled world.

Today, I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite places, Liguria.  This undiscovered, hidden corner of North West Italy is where I have been going for the past ten years and hope that one day my husband and I will spend more time there.  Not a chance yet.

I call myself a ‘holiday letting specialist’ and an expert travel guide in my chosen three countries.  Expertise gathered by working in the industry for the past five years, local knowledge by frequent visits and languages.  I speak passable Italian and am fluent in Hungarian, as it is my first language.  Eva’s Unforgettable European Holidays provides a tailor-made holiday at the fraction of a cost of other holidays.  Staying in a real home, in a beautiful location, with all the information you need.  The tiny town of Fiascherino, where our home is, is situated to the south of Lerici and is reached on a narr0w serpentine road, which snakes up above the coastline.  Driving further up, you reach the charming village of Tellaro.  Eva Casa has a sunny terrace over-looking the olive groves.  There are plenty of local restaurants and shops to delight.  Tellaro, with its panoramic terrace over-looking Portovenere and the islands of Palmeria, Tino and Tinetto, is a popular destination.  You can sip your Prosecco or coffee while enjoying a local atmosphere.  All this is a stone's throw from your holiday home.

Tellaro's tiny harbour

It is easy to be inspired by this corner of the Liguria as beauty is all around you.  This area is also known as the Golfo dei Poeti.  In the early part of the 19th century it was a hide-away for the English literati, the likes of Percy Shelley, Byron and later D H Lawrence.  We still have the pink house, which is called the Byron house by the locals, now a small hotel at our local beach in Fiascherino, where Shelley died in a boating accident.  There is a debate as to whether it was an accident, but if you look at the high rocky cliffs falling into the sea from a great height, you have no difficulty to imagine the enormous storms and the tragedy as the tiny boat was trying to moor.  It was smashed to pieces on the rocks.

The pink Byron House and our Franco's beach

The whole area requires some effort to find and its seclusion has the attractiveness.  It does not want to be ‘touristy’ and fights this vehemently.  However, over the years Lerici has evolved into a glamorous retreat for wealthy Italians.  Its other attractiveness is its mild weather in the winter, as the Apuan Alps protect it from frost and cold.  Very few speak English and it is far away from the suffocating crowds of Versilia or Cinque Terre over-run by Americans and North Europeans.  Once Lerici’s car park is full, that is it!  However, we have our charming bus service down to Lerici, so n need for cars.  Eva Casa has a secure parking space – gold dust and a must have!


There is so much more to tell you about this incredibly beautiful place and I hope to do that in a future post.  I am always at the end of the phone and delighted to help with any travel tips.


Mobile: 07816 605362
Twitter: @EvaGodden


  1. What a beautiful description, Eva.

    We will definitely keep you in mind - short breaks welcome?

    Lesley x.

    1. Hello Lesley,

      I am gald that you liked my article. To tell you the thruth it is not that difficult to write about this trully beautiful area.

      Sorry, but in the main season (June, July, Aug, Sept) I cannot offer short breaks, but it is no problem otherwise.


  2. All I can do is dream! It looks absolutely wonderful!

    1. Hi Fiddly Fingers,

      It is not that bad, I mean 'expensive' especially, if you compare it with hotels in the area.
      Go on treat your loved ones! A perfect place for TWO!


  3. Sounds and looks absolutely beautiful. I've always wanted to visit Italy, maybe one day when i've saved enough pennies. x

    1. Hello Jam,

      We still have availability in May and June.

      You will save 20% when you buy Euros as the sterling is very strong at the moment!

      Do not use BANKS!!

      Use any decent biz, like Money Corp or anybody dealing in buying and selling currencies.

      The best thing is about going there, is that you will not be a tourist, eat out or order a pizza with a good Tuscan wine and just sit and enjoy the view!!

      England is much more expensive!!

      Beleive me, I know!!

      We just came back and found Liguria is still have the charm.

      A very good dinner is Euro 25 per person.

      That is 3 courses with wine and water in the Fiascherino Hills, which is very exclusive.

      Take the plunge now while our currency is strong!

      See you later


  4. Sounds delightful but no holidays abroad for us now chose to have a dog instead and will not put into kennels, can still dream from afar

    1. Caroline,

      I know what you mean as I used to have my 'Chatnoir' a bermese cat in my New York days.

      However,you cannot afford to let life 'go by'!

      It is so much to explore in the world!

      Kennels, if they are any good, should be OK for your lovely dog!

      Yes, I is hard, BUT you still have to live yoru life!

      I will see you one day here



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