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Friday 27 July 2012


Mars Needs Moms (Or....Are Women Naturally BETTER at Social Media?)

by Zofia Coulton of the

It’s a common dilemma for many mothers these days.  When you’ve had your kids, do you go back to work?  In many cases it’s not a choice but a financial necessity. So let’s assume you do choose to work.  How easy is it to juggle motherhood with a career?  Can you be a Supermum and a Career Woman?  What’s the easiest way to do it?

It is almost exclusively a female problem.   Although there are Dads willing to be stay at home dads while their wives are the main breadwinners, it’s still relatively rare.  It shouldn’t really be the case, but as we know, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus – Martians have their caves, don’t share emotions and need to be hunter-gatherers, Venusians are the home-makers, who talk to their friends and raise children.   But in this world it’s not as simple as that. ‘Mars needs Moms’ now, especially in the Social Media business, which, let’s face it, involves a lot of sharing and talking to people and is a lifeline for many women with families for whom Social Networks are a great way to chat and keep in touch.

In fact this got me thinking.  As women are more natural users than men, does this mean that women better at social media jobs than men? I think I know more females than males in this business.   It’s more natural to us.  Also by its very nature, Social Media and Social Networking can be done from anywhere – no need to go out to work, so it means that many Venusians can actually be the homemaker and the breadwinner.

And of course this brings me on to the thousands of ‘mumpreneurs’ there are. Mums who work from home in the craft/cake-making/beauty/consulting or whatever business and use Facebook/Twitter for most of their marketing.   Some of my favourite Facebook pages are:

I really think social media was made for us! We’re just good at it! I’m sure there will be some who disagree!


  1. A great guest post, thank you.

    I think you're right. Social media/networking tends to be a bit of a softly-softly approach, using communication skills, rather than hard-sell, to promote home businesses.

    It's really important to build your network to include not only like-minded people, but also people who are prepared to give feedback and participate.

    You have mentioned twitter and Facebook, but Klout adds another dimension. Many users try to be influencers on Klout. I am very pleased to have been labelled a networker.

  2. I agree. I also believe social media co facts from women are more warm and appealing than those of many men.


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