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Wednesday 28 November 2012


Hi everyone

It's a very chilly morning and this reminds me of when we adopted Jazz, out gorgeous tabby and white cat in February 2009.  When we saw Jazz we were told he was very shy and timid (er, not sure if they were thinking about the same cat).  We decided when we collected him from the RSPCA at Chobham that we would buy him a sooper-dooper furry igloo.  Jazz and the igloo arrived home and he climbed into it and we thought 'ah, how lovely'; he quickly got out.  He climbed into and settled down once more and then abandoned it!  So much for being shy and timid.

At the time our neighbour had an elderly cat and we thought she might like to snuggle up in the igloo (the cat, not our neighbour), so we passed it on her.  Carmen (I have written about her before in my blog) loved the igloo - it was warm and she felt safe in it.  Sadly Carmen passed away earlier this year and the igloo was consigned to the garage.  At the weekend my neighbour asked if Milly and Daisy would like it - worth a try I thought.

The igloo was put into the conservatory - their 'room' - and they spent several minutes checking it out.  I left them to it and when I went back a short while later, this was the igloo:

I couldn't see Milly and realised she was inside and Daisy had sat on the top of it!  No matter how many times I pushed the top back up, when I checked on them, the igloo looked similar to the above picture.  I gave up - Milly loved snuggling inside and peeping out and Daisy was glad of a little bit of peace and quiet and had a choice of chairs to sit on.

I had thought they might cuddle up together in the igloo, but no, it's Milly's and that's that!  I don't think Daisy minds at all really as she is a very gentle-natured kitten..

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone, I will be back on Sunday with my main post.



  1. Sweet, hope they find their forever homes before Christmas!

    Love the Christmas wreath - thank you x.

  2. Haha cats are funny creatures,

  3. Haha cats do the strangest things sometimes x


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