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Sunday 25 November 2012


Hi everyone

What a dreadful week weather-wise.  Thank goodness, we have not suffered any damage, although the tables and chairs and a few ornaments from one half of the garden now reside in the other half and the bottom of the garden is flooded.  We had a power cut late evening on Thursday evening and it didn't come back on until Friday morning.  However, it could have been worse and my sympathies go out to those people all over the UK who have suffered loss because of the weather.

I took part in the Prior's Field School Christmas Fair yesterday and it wasn't very busy for any of us, even the hand-made fudge stall didn't have many customers.  The weather kept everyone away and it wasn't helped by the fact that a lot of the parking was in a very muddy field (not something you want to leave your car in).  Stall-holders were asked to park there once they had unloaded and as you can imagine after several hours of torrential rain, it was a little difficult to move ourselves let alone our vehicles.  My mini-cards sold well and some of my more 'out of the ordinary' birthday cards were also very popular.  How can you gauge what customers will like as recent sales have shown that it is impossible to second-guess what will be popular.  One day a particular card is flavour of the month, next day who knows?

I forgot to take photographs of my stand - as usual, but I made some quick gift-tags, so have included photographs of them instead:

These were 'quick makes'; two of them were fabric fixed to card and I added ribbon; one is a red rose added to red and tartan ribbons and the other two are peel-offs with added flowers.  Everyone likes to buy gift tags, and these were popular.  Will they be next time?  Who knows.

We were given the opportunity to set up the evening prior to the event and this worked out very well.  It meant less of a stressful mad rush on the day and a later start than is usual.  I know that I was very lucky as I am only a few miles from the school, but about half of the stalls were set up during that hour on Friday evening and I think it made it less of a problem parking/unloading on the day - especially as it was tipping down. 

This week has been catching up on lots of things - those of you who read my mid-week blog will know that for most of the beginning of the week I was here, there and just about everywhere.  I haven't yet had a chance to answer the posts in my last Sunday's blog - something I try to do as often as possible.  I think this coming week will see me doubling up.

I am at Secretts on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and also planning to be there on Saturday - Father Christmas is arriving, so I need to meet with him to hand over my present list (I wish!).  My brother and his wife are over from New York this week - our current weather seems like a gentle spring breeze and shower compared with their recent experiences.  It will be so good to see them.  

It's a busy week with lots planned and lots of work to complete, so I am off to make a dent in the long list (well, the one that is in my head).  

I hope you have a great week, don't forget to drop into Handmade Monday today and tomorrow and catch up with my fellow crafter's gorgeous work.  I will be back on Wednesday with a kitten-related post - we still have the gorgeous mad Millie and delightful Daisy; they are so lovely and very friendly.

Have fun



  1. Just a quick comment to say hello! It was awful weather yesterday. I did wonder if there would be a good turnout.

    Your gift tags are lovely, my parcels are wrapped and tagged, looking very swish :-)

  2. Setting up your stall the night before sounds like a great idea! There's not much you can do about the weather though is there... i'm glad your cards sold well despite a low turn out

    You're right, it is impossible to second guess the general public!! x

  3. lovely tags!
    shame the craft fair didnt pan out well. i can only imagine standing and selling in this dreadful weather! you were very brave!

  4. Sorry to read that the carft fair wasn't a huge success, it seem that you at had some sales at least though!

    I Love the tags, It's the one part I always seem to neglect when it comes to wrapping and it can make all the difference!

  5. Sorry about the weather and the fair. We have got off very lightly all considering but my heart does go out to those who have been badly affected. I like the tags - it is a really great way to add a personal touch to wrapping. Hope you make a decent dent in your list :)

  6. Such a shame about the weather - one more thing it's hard to predict.

  7. Your right fairs are funny things. What I find stressful is that when you've made something it's quite personal, and you are sort of putting it out there. I think at my next one I'm going to sit and knit, just to make it obvious that my things are handmade, and not imported.

  8. I'm one of the lucky ones that haven't been affected by this bout of bad weather.
    I like the idea of setting up the evening before the fair :)
    I like gift tags, it finishes off a wrapped gift lovely.

    Hope the weather improves.

    Jan x

  9. I know exactly what you mean about not being able to predict what will sell well from one market to the next. People are funny - just when you think you've got them pegged, they go and do something unpredictable. Beautiful gift tags BTW and I'm very interested in the kitten post ;)

  10. It's a shame about the weather isn't it? But glad you made some sales anyway. The gift tags are lovely, so simple but very effective. xxx

  11. The public can be a fickle lot (that includes me as well!)I do like your tags, they are always usuful to have in the drawer along with a variety of cards as you never know when an occasion will arise. Sorry that your fair didn't go to plan :0(

  12. The gift tags look really pretty. Lovely to hear you've got the chance to see your brother after the terrible storm they had. Hope you have lovely week (although I think it may be quite busy).
    Ali x

  13. Hope the weather gets better for you and that your brother and family enjoy their time over here. Shame about the craft fair, probably something to do with the rain!
    Pretty gift tags. They add to making a present more special I think.
    Wendy x


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