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Wednesday 17 April 2013


Hello everyone

A very late Milly's Diary today - had problems getting into Blogger and I left it to Jill to sort out.  My advice?  Never ask a human to do something if you can do it yourself.

I am exhausted!  I spent a lot of time outside today, a little chilly but very sunny.  Ideal kitten-at-play weather.  This week I have climbed up our various pieces of trellis, got onto the top of the summer house, climbed up a neighbour's fence and walked along the top - this sounds ordinary but it is a wavy top so I felt a little seasick at the end.  In fact rather than jump onto things, I prefer to climb up them - much more fun.  I am planning on climbing up some of our trees - only don't tell Jill as she will worry because we have some very, very tall trees in our garden.  Jazz and Daisy are very good when I am out, they keep an eye on me to make sure I don't get into too much trouble or wander off - but I am a bit faster than them so I do nip off sometimes.

No kittens residing with us at the moment - huggable Henry went to his new home on Friday and I understand he is very happy.  We all miss him, but are very pleased he has a nice new home.  Still lots of cats on the Woking Cats Protection web site that are needing homes, so don't forget to visit regularly.

It is time for me to settle down for a loooooong nap - here I am just getting settled in:

I will be back next Wednesday - who knows I might even have a photograph of me up a tree.

Have a good week everyone



  1. Ah Milly I'm glad to see your trying help your fellow cats find new homes. You look very comfy on your cushion. Don't wander to far from home. Ali x

  2. Thanks for the update, Milly. I wish the Boxers could write blog posts :-)

  3. Climbing trees, huh? While you're up there, could you scare that squirrel down my way? Thank you!

  4. Glad to hear your having fun outside now Milly, keep safe sweetie xxx


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