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Monday 16 December 2013


Hi everyone

My Sunday post is running late and has become a Monday post - it's been a hectic week.

Lots of days at Secretts, plus an evening event mean I am running to try to keep up - I should be stick thin by now!  It has been a week of excellent sales at Secretts, lots of decorated jute bag orders as well as orders for birthday cards.  I decorated some jute bags specifically for the evening event I did at Barnett Hill and lots of compliments buy no sales - however, did very well with my mini cards and lavender sachets.  It was a pretty soggy and foggy evening, and I don't think the  expected number of guests all turned up.  I was advised that only 8 stalls and no cross over so no competition - who was I placed next to?  Pheonix Cards.  Nice lady, nice stock, but how can I compete with their prices??  The handmade soap and beauty products did well, as did Pheonix Cards, I think the jewellery did well, but sadly the ladies selling beautiful Christmas floral arrangements didn't get any sales or orders.

Barnett Hill is a lovely venue and the fair was in a wood-panelled room with a lovely big open fire, which was alight.  Opposite was a big Christmas tree and it all looked lovely.  Here is a photograph of part of the room we were in:

It was a little dark in the room, so the photographs look a bit fuzzy.   Here are two pics of my stall:

I had taken in some sets of battery operated lights which I placed in a glass bowl - it did help poor light and highlighted some of the pieces on my stand.

This week is another mad one: Secretts tomorrow, all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  in between a visit to the dentist to have a tooth removed (not looking forward to that!), catching up with friends for lunch on Wednesday and fitting in time to get my hair cut.  Still no further forward with our own Christmas and think it will be squashing shopping and decorating and present buying into Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Next year I will plan to be more organised.....................

Have a great week everyone, not long to go before the Big Day.  Off to join in the Handmade Monday party


  1. Another busy, busy week for you. You'll be looking forward to Christmas so you can have a rest !!!!!

    Hope the dentist goes OK. I can sympathise as I had a tooth out last Tuesday and get another one out tomorrow.

    In the words of Pam Ayres 'I wish I'd looked after my teeth'..... xx

  2. Yikes Jill. How are you going to fit it all in? Hope you will be able to have a nice lie in over Christmas x.

  3. Barnett Hill looks like a beautiful place. It sounds like it was lots of fun. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  4. Gosh, you are a busy bee. Boo to the dentist, better out than in tho if it's causing trouble.

  5. An extremely busy time for you. Good luck with the dentist. I never look forward to going there too.

  6. Wow, you busy, busy lady! It's a shame that your evening wasn't so successful but it looks like you've been busy elsewhere which is good. Have a great Christmas


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