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Sunday 1 December 2013


Hi everyone

A busy week and getting busier all the time.  Being busy work-wise is always very welcome but getting behind with our own Christmas arrangements is not so good.  Like lots of people I haven't bought any Christmas presents, written any cards or even thought about pre-ordering food for 'the day'.  Never mind, only 24 days to go and I am sure between now and 25 December everything will come right.

You may remember my Scottie dog jute bag?  I had an order to make one with two Scottie dogs on and the customer was so pleased with it that she has ordered another one.  As well as that I have one to make with a black cat on (to be collected by the customer tomorrow) and another one with purple butterflies on.  Here is a photograph of the double Scottie dog bag:

The Christmas Emporium at Secretts has been busy although rather strange, yesterday was very quiet.  Our first Saturday of opening was very busy and we were all hoping for something similar yesterday.  It may be that there were other events taking place locally that prevented visitors coming to our 'show' - I think some of the local towns turned their Christmas lights on yesterday and Godalming (very near to Milford where Secretts is) had lots of activities on during their 'switch-on'.  A good friend of mine, Jan , covered yesterday afternoon in the Emporium for me - thank you Jan, I hope you enjoyed your session.

A fellow crafting friend, Dawn of Stone Pit Crafts, has some space on my table in the emporium and her hand-knitted head bands and bangles are proving very popular, as well as her wellie-boot toppers.

I have spent today working on customer's orders as well as decorating candles - lots of beads, baubles and ribbons in use.  I am so pleased that I have three whole days off during the week - woo hoo!  However, they are three days off from working in the emporium, but here at Christmas Pie Crafts it will be three days of making scented Christmas candles, cards and decorating jute bags, as well as taking my foster kittens to the vet and two of them to their new home, pl,us pottery on Thursday.  All very hectic,but also very enjoyable.

Thank you to everyone who visited and commented on my blog post last Sunday and I am so sorry it took me a long time to return the compliment.  It seems to get harder and harder as the weeks go by to visit everyone who takes part in Handmade Monday and I am sorry about that because I love to catch up on my fellow crafters work.  However, I do recommend you try to visit as many as possible taking part in this week's blog hop as I know you will really enjoy reading about their week.

Have a great week everyone  - just seen on the news that snow is forecast for the end of the week!  Hope it's not too much though.  'See' you all next week.



  1. The scottie dog bag is SO cute. I just love how they've each got a different coloured bone.

    Have a great couple of (hectic....) days xx

    PS SNOW !!!!! What does it think it is - Christmas :-)

  2. I always like your decorated bags, it really is no wonder they are popular.

  3. Your bags are lovely, the dogs look really cute. Glad to hear the sales are going well.
    Ali x

  4. aww your little scottie bag is just adorable! Its great to hear that your lovely creations are in such demand on the run up to Christmas :) x

  5. I hope your three days off goes well, and you catch up on yourself

  6. I think it's been a strange week end all over, I think you're right about everyone being busy with Christmas Lights getting turned on, most of the towns around my way were doing their lights this week end.
    I love your scottie bag, I'm pleased that you are doing well with them. It often takes me a full week to pop over to the other blogs that take part and sometimes, like you, I just run out of time. But I'm sure most of us are in the same boat at this time of year. :)

    Jan x

  7. It's great to be busy isn't it but tiring as well! Love the Scotty dog bag!

  8. You bag is brilliant. Lovely cute Scottie dogs.

  9. Sounds like you are as busy as me LOL
    Lovely bags, great idea :D

  10. Glad to hear your doing well. I too have yet to start my own shopping, but it always gets done. Your bag is lovely.

  11. I can't wait to see my jute bag order. *squeals of delight*

  12. Love the Scottie dogs, very cute and chic! :)

  13. You are a very busy bunny, I love your jute bags, hope you manage to get some of your own Christmas organising done.


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