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Tuesday 14 January 2014


Hi everyone

I thought January would be fairly peaceful - silly me!  It's nice to be busy, but at times the old headless chicken appears.

I am in the process of booking dates/venues for my new venture and have had lots of lovely emails from past and present exhibitors wanting to take part in this years events.  I feel a little nervous about all of this, which I know is natural, but really looking forward to what this year brings.  If any of my blog followers are local to me, please do get in touch if you would be interested in taking part in one of the events - dates and venues will be on here soon and in the market's Facebook page (and its very own blog, which I am setting up as we speak).

In addition to the events, I am also starting bi-weekly card-making workshops at Farncombe Day Centre.  the plan is to not only add an extra activity for regular users but encourage new visitors to the centre.  The Day Centre is in a lovely building and it seems a shame that more local residents do not use it for meetings, lunch, cake and coffee pit-stops - I am hoping that I may be able to encourage new and experienced card-makers into my workshops.  My fellow crafter, Dawn of Stone Pit Crafts, is running a weekly knitting group at the centre too - so if you knit and want to natter as well, it's the place to be.

A short post this week to keep everyone up-to-date, but I will be back next Sunday with lots more information about this year's events.  Have a good week everyone and don't forget to visit my fellow crafting bloggers at Handmade Monday.



  1. Its great to be busy, but try to find some time to take a break too or you'll be exhausted before the month is out. Good luck with all your new fairs.

  2. You're going to be very busy lady this year xx

  3. Oooh so exciting! I wish you the very best of luck with your new endeavours, i can't wait to hear more about them! x

  4. Hi Jill, sounds like you have a busy schedule. I'm sure it will be fun and rewarding. Wishing you a great week!

  5. Hi Jill, looks like you have a busy schedule. I'm sure it will be very rewarding. Wishing you a wonderful week.


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