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Sunday 26 January 2014


Hello everyone

What a mixed bag of weather we have had here!  Fed up with it?  Me too!  However, the pictures of people living in Somerset make me realise how lucky we have been in Christmas Pie.  I can't imagine how dreadful if must be to still be dealing with flooding in my home three weeks after the first downfall.  I hope they do not suffer from this week's forecast.

Most of this week has been spent on my new event venture, some online advertising, letters produced to local businesses to see if they will support by way of advertising and I have also changed the name of the business.  About two years ago it was called Godalming Independent Market; it was changed at the beginning of 2013 to Independent Markets to reflect the plans to spread out from Godalming with new venues elsewhere in Surrey.  I have decided that the name should really reflect that change by calling it Surrey Independent Markets.  I had seriously thought about changing it to something completely different, but when a company changes its name it sometimes rings alarm bells, so I added the county name to the existing name.  Have a look at this week's blog post to see what is happening.

Not much making this week, so sadly no pics to show.  However, some changes to my current pottery makes: the backing plate I had made for the cat plaque (see last week's blog post for the photo of this) has bitten the dust,so to speak.  The cats are fine, but the backing was thin and despite covering with plenty of plastic, the edges curled up and dried (not, not died), so I trimmed all round the cats and once I have glazed them, I will add another photograph on here.

The second disaster occurred with the second firing of my tall wrap-around vase.  On Thursday I discovered it was in several pieces - not too sure if it was dropped or exploded in the kiln.  My tutor and I have left a note asking the Pottery Technician if she can let us know what happened.  Very disappointed as I was really pleased with the style and shape.  A pottery day of two steps forward and several back.  Oh well, all part of the learning curve - or so I keep telling myself.

I am off to read this week's posts from my fellow blogging crafters taking part in Handmade Monday - do go and have a look at their really beautiful work.  Soooooo talented.

See you next week and I hope where you are the weather is kind to you.



  1. What a shame about your vase! But accidents do happen. One of my sons has literally just broken a glass seconds after my husband said how he has memories of drinking from it as a child! Have a good week - let's hope it stops raining!

  2. Such a shame about the pottery. It's hard to lose something you worked so hard on, especially if you were pleased with it.

  3. Shame about the vase. It looked like it had really lovely colours!

  4. Hi Jill. I feel for you! Finding a good name for a business is really hard. Surrey Independent Markets has the advantage that it give a pretty good idea what the business is about. Shame about the pottery mishaps. Happen to us all. Maybe the vase was bisque fired, it may well have broken in the kiln. Good job that the cats were okay though.

  5. Pottery is a heart wrenching craft at times isn't it! I'm glad your cats have escaper their dice with death though :) I know they will look fabulous glazed, i look forward to seeing pics! x

  6. I love the name Surrey Independent Market it's so versatile and wish you every success with your new venture.

    Be interesting to find out what happened to your lovely vase, if it exploded in the kiln you need to know to avoid a similar disappointment the next time you try to make one.

    We have Sun and a fantastic breeze today so two line of washing out at the moment.


  7. the vase looks like it was in very pretty colours - what a shame. Good luck with the new venture!

  8. I like the new name for the market, simple and to the point. It's a shame about the vase but good news that you could save the cats :)

    Jan x

  9. Oh dear on the pottery disasters :( Yeah for changing the name to Surrey INDmarkets. Popping over to the blog now :)

  10. What a shame about your pottery, it must be very frustrating. I like the new name for your venture, it makes it very clear what its about. Have a good week.

  11. Sorry to hear about your pottery setbacks. At least the cats managed to survive.


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