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Sunday 23 February 2014


Hello everyone

Wet and windy again today, but the last few days have been so lovely.  Isn't it amazing how sunshine can make you feel?

No new makes this week - feel I am getting a little adrift from my own craft business and that concerns me, but I have included some pics of the promotional material I have produced over the last few weeks for my forthcoming events:

The 'big' banner to be placed outside of the venue the week before each event

Thousands of copies of this flyer have been produced, with the date left blank for me to add for each event.  Flyers are on their way to stallholders who have agreed to help out with promotion, lots more will be dropped through local letter boxes and displayed on notice boards and in shop windows.

I have spent a lot of time this week answering queries from stallholders, booking them in, sorting out advertising, etc.  Like many of my blog followers, I have spent oodles of time at craft events and oodles of time wondering why my things haven't sold, why so few customers turned up, why so little advertising had taken place, why the person two or three tables down seems to be doing a roaring trade.  What is the solution?

I have had lots of emails from stallholders who have taken part in previous events at the venue I am taking bookings for.  Some are pleased to be taking part again, some have decided not to because they didn't sell much.  To the 'no's' I have replied that things are changing, not because I feel they should/must/need to but mainly because when you take something on you like to put your own stamp on it.  I have added that I don't have a magic wand to improve/increase footfall, but I am working very hard to do so.

What more can I do?  I have also added that once the customer is through the door, the stallholders share the responsibility for promoting their work.  I, and I am sure many of you have too, have taken part in events where stallholders have sat and read a book/magazine when customers were at their stand, munched their way through a sandwich (sometimes a burger) while communicating with a customer and occasionally abandoned their stall to chat to the stallholder next door to them or even further away (sometimes they have left their stall without asking someone to cover for them, just assuming the person next door will help out). There are also those stallholders who have no idea of how to communicate with customers - not even a 'good morning, rubbish weather, isn't it' leaves their lips.

It's not all gloom and doom, the disappointing ones are far outweighed by the fabulous ones that you thoroughly enjoy working with.  They love their work and are enthusiastic about it, they chat to their customers, keep their stall neat, tidy and well stocked, are friendly and helpful to their fellow stallholders and rarely, if ever, moan about the event.  Thank goodness there are more of them than the unhappy ones.

I came across a great post on UK Handmade, very refreshing to have a different viewpoint from a seller and I am going to recommend my sellers have a read through as it contains some brilliant advice about how to approach and get more out of events.

That's it for today, sorry it seems to be a bit whingey, must be the miserable weather.  It is an interesting experience moving from one side of the stall to the other (and back of course).  I am thoroughly enjoying it and so glad that I am able to have a foot in both camps - er, think that is what I mean.  Now it is back to the drawing board to think of new and interesting ways of promoting my events - now, do any of you fancy getting dressed up as a greetings card?  A candle?  Bracelet?  Gloves?  These will catch peoples attention as they walk along the high street and will certainly make them flock to the event.

Have a great week everyone and don't forget to drop in on the Handmade Monday bloggers to catch up on their week's escapades.

See you next week.



  1. Wow you have been busy organising the event. I really hope it is a great success. I really wish we lived closer. My daughter does fancy dress at the drop of a hat, she would have dressed up to promote for you. Over the last few months she been a spider, a cupcake and wrestler. Oh to be a student. Can't wait to hear how the event goes.
    Ali xx

    1. Yes, Ali, it would be lovely if you were nearer.

      I think a cupcake advertising my event would be brilliant.

  2. I hope everything goes well as you've put such a lot of effort into organising it.

    Whilst I'm not a stall holder I have been a customer and it does annoy me when the seller just sits there and totally ignores me.
    With that kind of attitude is it any wonder they don't have any sales.... xx

  3. It sounds like you're doing a fantastic job in your new role, the promotional material looks amazing!

    I think you're right, people find it easier to blame someone else than look at their own failings sometimes... i guess that comes up in all areas of life.

    Good luck with the next fair, i can't wait to hear all about it! x

  4. It sounds like you are putting loads of effort in:) I hope it goes really well for you:)

  5. I can only imagine how much work goes in to organising these events! These stallholders that don't pull their weight and complain is quite disrespectful and not very professional. I do wish that I could participate (im in Woking) but I don't have enough product at the moment as work commitments take up too much time, but I wish you success xx

  6. I'm really enjoying following your journey doing this and it's good to hear the organiser's views. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you and the stall holders. You seem to be doing a lot of work advertising which certainly isn't always the case I have found, so best of luck with it x

  7. Best of luck with your event. Your fliers and banner look great, really eye-catching. xx

  8. I love your flyers and poster, they are so colourful and 'jolly' they are the perfect enticement to what I'm sure will be a great event.

    Jan x

  9. It's really interesting seeing your progress from stall holder to fair organiser and I can't wait to read more! I really hope it goes well for you xx

  10. The flyers are great! I really hope the events go well for you. You are so right about people needing to take responsibility for how customers perceive them and their products.

  11. I agree its so annoying when stall holders ignore you, manners cost nothing. Really looking forward to your first event and seeing how things have changed x

  12. Wow you've been busy. I love all of your promotional material, the bright colours are very eye-catching. I really hope your first fair as an organiser goes well. Have a great week

  13. I'm sure your hard work will pay off. It is hard to know what will get people to turn up, or more so to spend. I have done various fairs, some of which have been buzzing with people, but who are not buying. Maybe I will have a day out in Godalming in the spring, as it is only a little way down the road for me.

  14. You have worked so hard already that your event can only be a success!! Good luck Jo x

  15. With all the work you've put into this event it can't be anything but a success! Good luck Jo x


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