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Monday 3 February 2014


Hello everyone

What a fabulous day it has been here in Christmas Pie - sunshine, fairly mild and not a single drop of rain.  Ideal gardening weather - it's always surprising how much there is to do at the beginning of the season (well nearly the beginning) despite working very hard to put the garden to bed in autumn.  Lots of daffodils peeping above the ground and one has a very large bud about the burst.  We have had a rose flowering throughout winter and I still have beautiful dark pink cyclamen flowering in a pot just by our back door.  I know the forecast is still for heavy rain, but let's hope spring is not too far off.

I held the second of my card-making workshops this week at the Farncombe Day Centre and in addition to six of the regular centre users, I had a lovely lady, Jenny, join me who found me via Streetlife.  I don't know if you have discovered Streetlife yet, but a good description is that is is like a very local Twitter and Facebook.  Its a great way to catch up with what is happening where you live - because there are often thousands of tweets showing up in our timeline, it is easy to miss something of importance.  Streetlife is more tailored to where you live so have a look at it and see what you think.

You may remember that I wrote about my pot last week and what had happened to it?  I found out last week that someone (unknown) had dropped it and sadly didn't bother to own up to it.  I would like to be charitable and say these things happen, which I know they do, however, failure to own up to it annoyed me.  Very disheartened as it is the third piece of work that I have been really pleased with that has either been damaged or, in this case, broken.  I am now worrying that my cat plaque survives the first firing without any damage or breaks.

A post without pics of makes again, I am getting very behind as need to get some jute bags decorated for stock.  However, hopefully next week I will have photographs of what I have been working on - fingers crossed.  Don't forget to nip over the Handmade Monday and catch up with everyone.  Have a good week and I will be back next Sunday.



  1. What a shame about your pottery. I would be very cross. Hope you have a fab week, happy crafting x.

  2. Thanks for popping over to my blog Jill, I'd rather someone 'own up' and apologise but not everyone feels that way, fingers crossed for your cat plaque :) I've never heard of street life so I'm off to google it :)

    Jan x

  3. It's such a shame that no-one would admit to breaking your work, fingers crossed your cats come through unscathed. Sounds like you've been very busy this week - I hope you get more time to rest this week.

  4. I don't know what's worse, the pot being damaged or someone breaking it and not owning up. All it need was a little note to say sorry xx

  5. How annoying somebody hasn't bothered to own up about breaking your pot Grrrr.

    We too have a rose that's flowered all winter, everything is so confused at the moment.

    Glad to hear you had a good turn out at the day centre, I also had a good turn out of knitters so very pleased.

    Have a good week and catch up soon xxx

  6. How disappointing to find that your pot had been broken. I always enjoy seeing your pottery makes. I can't wait to see the cat. It's wonderful to hear your card making classes are going well.
    Ali x


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