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Wednesday 16 April 2014


Hello everyone

Another late post, but it's been a  busy week.  Richard has finished taking down the old shed, the ground is prepared and we are just waiting for the new shed to be delivered.  I have given my advice of where it should be situated and how big it should be - not too sure if my recommendations will be taken on board though.  Yesterday we had the tree gang in; one tree that I call the Curly Wurly tree had to be removed because it was almost falling over and one of our very big Prunus trees had lots of branches chopped off.  I was very surprised to see how much sunshine was coming in after the tree gang had finished.

I know Jill told you about our new foster kittens, Nellie and Nancy, in her weekend post and as you know I tend not to talk too much about the kittens she fosters because as far as I am concerned I am the only kitten in her life.  Yes, I know I was one of the kittens she fostered and yes I know I share my home with four other rescued cats, but I am number one, end of story.  However, because Jill keeps saying how lovely they are and how one of them looks like me, I thought I had better check them out and yes, one of them does look like me!  Very scary.

Nellie and Nancy are now nine weeks old and Jill has given Nellie a nickname: Duracell!  She keeps on going long after Nancy has fallen asleep.  She has taken some more photographs of them and I said she could put them in my post:

Nancy having a bit of a rest

Nellie having forty winks

If you would like some more information about Nellie and Nancy or arrange to visit them go to the Woking Cats Protection website and fill in the request form.  If you are very lucky you might also get to meet me, but that's probably not a good idea because you will fall in love with me and want to adopt me instead and I am very happy where I am!

Time to go to bed - I am almost falling asleep as I am typing  this post.  Have a good week everyone, see you next Wednesday.


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