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Wednesday 23 April 2014


Hello everyone

Well, I don't feel so bad about missing the occasional blog post because Jill didn't do her weekend post!  Said she was too busy, lots of other things to do, excuses, excuses.  Anyway, I am here bringing you all the Christmas Pie news that Jill would normally have written about.

We are still waiting for our new shed to be delivered.  Why does it take so long for human beings to sort these things out?  Parts of the garden look a little like a scrap yard - hope Jill doesn't read this - tools and racks and pots everywhere.  It's also rather like musical chairs here too.  Jill bought a new bench at the Plant Fair she went to recently and that has meant moving things around to accommodate it.  Not as bad as it sounds really because the bench in our front garden  has parted company with itself and chairs from the back garden have been moved to the front.  We like lots of places to sit and watch the world go by.

Nancy and Nellie have a viewing this evening - I doubt the people coming to see them will be able to resist them (Jill asked me to write that!).  They do like to play a lot and their favourite game is playing with paper balls and then pulling them apart.  Jill has given them some catnip twists that she bought for them - glad she got extras because I like them too.

Time for me to go out and play - the sun was shining very early this morning then it disappeared.  It's back out now, so it's playtime for me.  I will be back next week with an update about Nancy and Nellie.  Have a good weekend everyone.



  1. It sounds like you'll soon be back to being the only cat Milly, I'm sure Jill will have more to look after soon. Tell her not to work too hard from me.

  2. Hope the viewing went well with Nancy and Nellie, Jill sounds very busy again lately, take care xxxx


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