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Wednesday 21 May 2014


Hello everyone

Yes, I know I am as bad as Jill in that I haven't blogged for a while, but sometimes I need her help with certain words and she has been rather busy lately, but, here I am, back at last.

I have been busy too - looking after kittens, well perhaps that is not quite what I do, but I do look at them.  We have four at the moment and Jill has named them: Sage, Basil, Angelica and Sorrel.  She calls them The Herb Gang.  Lillie, re-named Lola, went to her new home on Saturday and it was Jill's first 'on her own' homing event and I am sure it went well.

I had to go to our vet's on Monday because I have something wrong with my eye - the lady vet told me it was Keratitis, an inflammation of my eye which may happen again in the future.  I had to have an injection!  Not my favourite thing and eye-drops twice a day.  Apparently I am very well behaved when these are being put into my eyes - that's what they think, wait until tomorrow!

My pale Badger Boo had to go to the vet's yesterday for an operation.  Hope you are feeling much better today BB.

Now, what else have I been doing - well, lots of wildlife stuff and things like that which I best not write about.

That's me more or less up-to-date, so its off to the garden and Jill is off to the Chelsea Flower Show.

Have a good week everyone



  1. Oh Milly I hope your feeling better soon. The names Jill has picked for the kittens are lovely. I'm sure she has had a wonderful day at the flower show. Have you been left in charge of the kittens?
    Ali xx

  2. Oh Dog! Kittens!!!! I'll bet they're a handful!

  3. Can we have an update please? On Milly's eye and the kittens x.


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