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Sunday 17 August 2014


Hello everyone

I get the feeling autumn has arrived a little earlier than expected.  Chilly, sunny, but very windy here today.   Such a shame as we have a family get-together next weekend and really need to be able to be able to spill out into the garden.  Never mind, it might have a to be a cosy get-together inside.

A busy week that ended in the really good news for me that I have found a refreshments provider for my Godalming Bazaar events for the rest of this year: The Pantry Tea Room.  I was beginning panic, but had a recommendation from a Streetlife member, contacted Julia and success, we have lift-off.  If you are not familiar with Streetlife, I really recommend you check it out.  I have been able to find lots of information and businesses on there that I was totally unaware of: I have had stallholders contact me via Streetlife, I have found a gardener, lots of information about things happening in my area and the surrounding areas.  Brilliant!

On Thursday of this week I took part in a pottery workshop my pottery tutor, Jean Tolkovsky, organised.  I and 7 of my fellow pottery students had a great day and our project was to make a figure similar to one
of Jean's models - as you can guess 'similar' had lots of different interpretations and here is mine:

The wire sticking out of his shoulders will be trimmed once the final firing has taken place.  I had a bit of an accident as I was tyring to remove the cocktail stick which had been placed through the body and upper arms prior to putting the wire through, his head fell off!!!  More disaster, his hat fell onto the floor and part of the brim fell off!  I managed to weld his head back on, but didn't have time to tweak the top of his hat, so it's not as smooth as I had planned.  Good fun really, and something I have never done before and I think I will have a go at making another one when our course begins in September.  I still cannot make decent lips and noses.nose -

If you would like to see what my model could have been (I wish) please check out my Friday Review - it is about my pottery tutor, Jean Tolkovsky.  I am sure you will agree her work is amazing.

About two months ago I applied to take part in a Craft Fair fairly local to me and was disappointed that four weeks after I applied they let me know it was full!!!  I had emailed them to find out the current situation because I was interested in another event that took place around the same time and I think that is the only reason they replied responded - I am not sure how much longer it would have taken them to reply.  They apologised for the delay, said it's summer and sorry, we are full.  I find the lack of professionalism in some businesses very disappointing.  Summer it may be, but surely that is no excuse for poor communication in a business?  Will they also blame winter?  Spring?  Autumn?

Another busy week looms: tomorrow I am lurking in a garden centre car park (as you do) to hand out flyers to my stallholders, then I am having lunch with a couple of friends (Lesley and Dawn - looking forward to seeing you both).  Every day this week has a meeting of one sort or another - Friday is a free day, although sadly that will be housework day to get everything ready for my family bash!  Housework is not the way to end a week.

Have a great week everyone - hard to believe next weekend is our last Bank Holiday until Christmas!  Mind you at the moment time seems to be whizzing by and I am not always too sure which week (or month) it is.  Don't forget to drop in on my fellow Handmade Monday bloggers, and I will 'see' you next week.



  1. Your model is brilliant. I will have to check out your post about Jean's pottery. I hope the weather calms down for your family event, very windy here too.
    Ali xx

  2. I love the little man and am so glad he managed to not lose his head! Good luck with your busy week.

    Alison x

  3. What a lovely day you have had, and brilliant news re the caterer:) Hop the weather improves for your family get together:)

  4. I'm with you on the housework front. Unfortunately weekends tend to be the only time I manage to do it grrrr

  5. Hopefullythis wind will have dropped and you'll get late summer sun for your gathering x

  6. This was a fun post to read this week. I love your clay model. Looks like you have been very busy indeed.

  7. Oh, I think your little Fellow looks SWEET! And the crumbled brim just gives him more "character"!

    BTW, I know how you feel about "Organizers" NOT getting back to you in a Timely manner! -- In the end, you're likely better off *not* attending seeing as They obviously LACK any Logistical "skills"! -- Actually, you might just want to pop on by the Event, do a Recon, and pass out your flyers to whatever Vendors that you like for your Future events!

  8. Haha! Love your model! I bet you had lots of fun making him despite the head traumas :)

    Glad to hear you've found a good caterer, keep up the good work :) x

  9. I love your model, I like the way his hat looks. I hope the sun comes out for your family bash. Have a good week.

  10. Your model is gorgeous - all his little mishaps just add to his character. Cx


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