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Sunday 26 October 2014


Hello everyone

With the clocks going backwards, it really does feel like winter now - such a long time to spring.  I understand we are going to have some nice weather over the next few days with unusually high temperatures for this time of year, so all is not yet lost.

How has your week been?  I know for all small businesses, particularly those of us in the world of handmade, this time of year is really hectic.  It's that time of  'I can leave that for a few days' and then realise that was not the best decision to have made.  It's a time when two (or more?) pairs of hands would be good, as well as 48-hour days and, of course, not having anything else to do other than create.

I have split my time this week between event organisation and making stock for my forthcoming events.  Really could have done with one or two 48-hour days or preferably two pairs of hands.

Here is one of my completed wreaths.  It has 11 metres of burgundy-coloured velvet ribbon wrapped the polystyrene ring and a gorgeous glittery peacock fixed to the bottom.  I am not too sure whether (and what) to add to the wreath or just leave it with the peacock adorning it.  I am happy as it it, but do wonder if it is a little bare.

On the event organisation side of my life, I have an Early Christmas Bazaar taking place in the Tongham Village Hall on 1 November and this coming week will see me out delivering flyers, putting up posters and banners and hoping the weather stays good until after next Saturday.  This is anew venue for me, so am anxious about it being successful.  I am always anxious about any of the events I organise, but a new place brings with it new challenges and they are often very ahrd to manage.  I tell myself it is all part of life's rich pattern (although the pattern is sometimes not my choice).

A short post this week as it is back to work and finishing off some more wreaths.  I hope you all have a good week and don't forget to drop in on my fellow crafting bloggers taking part in this week's Handmade Monday.


  1. Oooh your peacock wreath is beautiful! The rich colour of the ribbon is gorgeous. I don't think you need to add anything, i like it just the way it is :)

    Yes, its a busy time of year for us crafty types isn't it, and set to get busier over the next few weeks! Good luck with all your making and organising :) x

  2. This looks SO elegant. It's lovely as it is, adding anything to it might detract from that fabulous peacock. Good luck with the fairs. Xx

  3. It is lovely as it is the wreath, very uncluttered, but I think some people will find it too bare so it's hard to judge what will sell best! good luck with your event. x

  4. I must admit I like the peacock wreath as it is! Maybe some should be simpler (less is more and all that) and some should be more adorned? One of the best things about selling at fairs is trialling things out and getting opinions! Good luck with the new event! x

  5. Got my 1st Christmas Fair this Saturday and still have tons of "prep" work to do! Stuff is "made", but just needs to be properly packed & gathered up to make the Set-up a quick & easy task! - [yeah. right. Like THAT *ever* happens!]
    Anyhoo, GOOD LUCK with your venues!

  6. If I live nearer I would support your craft fair!

  7. Good luck with your fairs. I am sticking to my resolution of not doing any this year. Will probably regret it, but it is making the Christmas build up less stressful. I love the peacock wreath.

  8. Beautiful wreath, and i agree elegant. Difficult to say it looks lovely looking minimal, but would look equally lovely with something added, tho i'm not entirely sure what. I look forward to seeing more of your wreaths, Ive said it before, but if I didnt work full time in silly retail, then I would be so happy to help, support and participate in your events xx

  9. The texture of the ribbon is beautiful and the peacock just sets it off beautifully.

  10. I think your peacock wreath is fabulous - I want to come over and stroke the ribbon. Have a good week.

  11. I love peacocks and peacock feathers, I'd be tempted to add a couple of small ones at the 2 o'clock mark, but that's just me, it also looks lovely as it is :)
    Good luck with your fairs.
    Jan xx

  12. Nice to see you crafting, Jill. Have fun on Saturday x.


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