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Sunday 30 November 2014


Hello everyone

I bet the title of this blog post sums up how many of you are feeling?  I know Christmas only happens once a year and I know it only lasts for a short period of time, but I also know the whole world goes potty at this time of year and shops as if the world is about to end (or the supermarkets are closing down for good).  Trying to keep on top of everything is almost impossible and if one more person asks me if I have finished my Christmas shopping yet, I will not be responsible for my actions!  Despite organising craft & gift events and about to take part in some, I have to admit to not having bought any presents yet.  It gets harder each year to know what to give people that is different from what I gave them last year, finding something they will like and something that doesn't require a second mortgage to buy (or make) it.

I hoisted the Godalming Bazaar banner outside of the Borough Hall for the last event of this year, stood back to check all was okay only to see that the date I had put on said 6 December 2015!  I am taking bookings for next year, but think my banner advertising is a little premature.  

Over the next two weeks I have two events I am organising/managing and three events I am taking part in - one is a two-day fair.  My last event takes place on 14 December and my plan for the following day is to sleep for 24 hours or do I mean days?

I dropped into the Normandy Scouts Christmas Fair this afternoon - very busy and clearly very well supported by mums, dads, sisters, brothers and other relatives.  A wide variety of items for sale: cakes, cards, fruit, vegetables, jewellery, etc.   My cake-making friend was taking part and her cheese scones looked very tempting.

Back to work now, more bags to decorate, more wreaths to make and if time permits, scented candles to make too.  I made the following wreath yesterday and although the ribbon is dark green, it seems to have taken on the blue colour of the butterflies when photographed, and also when viewed in natural light.  Very unusual.

I am joining up with Handmade Monday this week and look forward to seeing how the crafting bloggers are doing with their Christmas work.  I must try to get back into the blogging habit - I do enjoy it, but it does seem to make its way frequently to the bottom of the To-Do's that are in my head.  
Have a good week everyone - if you live in or near to Godalming, it would be lovely to see you at the Bazaar next Saturday and don't forget this is Small Business Saturday, so a great opportunity to support lots of local small businesses.



  1. Keep.Going.Jill. :-)
    I keep getting asked what's on my Christmas list? Nothing.
    Happy crafting and hope to see you soon x.

  2. Happy BAH-HUMBUG!! ;-D

    Seriously. The ENTIRE "Season" is totally over-rated! - I Christmas-"shop" ALL YEAR round! Besides trying to make stuff for my Craft Fairs that I do. -- Had good foot-traffic this year, but fewer Purchasers... Despite, having spent a lot of money [I really *don't* need a Smartphone] toward having the ability to take Charge-Cards instead of just Cash. - The "theory" being that People would spend more if They could "charge-it"..? And, it frees up funds for other "cash-only" Vendors.

    oh. And don't get me started on Shopping-CART TRAFFIC!! - Those wretched things need Signal-Lights or have People do Hand-signalling!! Then again, why bother since They never use either on Their Cars in the Parking-Lots!

    Sorry for the mini-"rant", but just to let you know, you are NOT alone!! Anyhoo, GOOD LUCK with the rest of your "holiday"! - I've got to get back to herding The ELVES...

  3. I hope your fairs go well, I love your new wreath too, its strange how some colours photograph isn't it? Have a good week.

  4. Such a mad time of year! The butterfly wreath is very pretty and you wouldn't have guessed it was meant to be a different colour :)

  5. Yes, it's a completely mad time of year! It's hard to keep up with orders, but I know I must because if I fall behind it will be a nightmare. I love your "blue" butterfly wreath! Weird how some colours come out different. Enjoy the madness! x

  6. Being a butterfly fanatic this is just georgeous. hugs Mrs A.

  7. Good luck with your fairs - I have had trouble keeping up with my blog too! As you say - it's just the time of year! The blue / green wreath looks very unusual - nice change from all the red and white!


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