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Monday 29 June 2015


Hi everyone

It is hot and getting hotter.  Can we cope with 32 - 34 degrees this week?  Of course we can, we moan so much about the weather when it is hot and then moan when it isn't, but it is so nice to have sunny days.  Perhaps some rain at night would be welcome - we have recently had a water meter installed (compulsory) and to long watering sessions for my plants are no more.  The information given out that 'you will probably pay less than you used to' is not quite true - well not for us, in a short space of time ours has shot up by £5 per month.  Will be interesting to see what the cost is after one year of metered water.

I had planned to take time off during the summer from event organisation, but the best laid plans, etc, etc.  Last year I applied in July to take part in an event that was taking place in November.  Despite the paperwork saying 'you will be contacted within two weeks', no contact was made - in fact in all it took them nearly three months to reply and then it was to tell me I had been unsuccessful.  I did contact them a couple of times because there were other events taking place around the time of theirs that I was wondering if I should apply for.  Perhaps they were offended that I dared to question their professionalism as one of their replies to my chase said 'it is summer and we are busy with our families'  I appreciate and respect that, but they are running a business and should remember that communication is a vital part of their business - it shows their commitment and interest, both of which I feel were lacking.

Sorry, hadn't meant to whinge, now back to what I was talking about.  I had planned to take a break to concentrate on my own craft and wedding stationery businesses.  However, as applications for my events are coming in every day, I cannot ignore them and aim to reply to emails from stallholders and potential stallholders within 24 - 48 hours from receiving their message.

This week has been replying to emails, emailing potential stallholders for my new venture Surrey Village Vintage and preparing my applications for some two and three day events I would like to take part in.  If you are a 'strictly vintage' seller and fancy joining me in my new venture, please do get in touch - there is an application form on the website and it would be lovely to have some blog followers join me.

Off to cool down - something long and very sparkly in a glass would be nice.  Hope you have a good weekend and remember to keep cool.



  1. Any outfit that takes that long to get back to you, FORGET them! And, if they're using "Real Life" -[that doesn't include some Death or catastrophic event] - then they should NOT be "in" the Business! - Personally, I wouldn't trust their "Logistical" skills!

    BTW, try using rain barrels for your garden watering needs...

  2. Being self-employed is rather hard work. I keep office hours but never work on a Wednesday. This helps to keep me sane and separate work from life.
    As for watering, we have 4 water butts (1000litres) - really helps to keep the garden topped up :-)


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