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Wednesday 24 June 2015


Hello everyone

Lots of gorgeous sunshine today - just my kind of weather.

Jill and Richard went on holiday and we are lucky that we don't have to go into a cattery while they are away.  Our friend, Jean, looks after us; she feeds us, reads us stories, plays with us and makes sure we are safe.  I was very well-behaved, I didn't remove anything from the local wildlife while they were on holiday (but embarrassed to admit I made up for it yesterday).  We did miss them very much while they were away and gave them lots of cuddles and purrs when they got back.  No presents from them for us though!

Jill read in the newspaper this week that Alan Titchmarsh's cat, Spud, had died recently.  Jill remembers watching Gardener's World when it was presented by Mr T and Spud often used to steal scenes from him by walking by, moving into shot, sitting in a spot where he was trying to plant something - all the things cats are good at.  Bye-bye Spud.

We had a strange cat visiting today - a long-haired Siamese boy.  Our neighbour has cat nip and we think he was after that.  It is very hard to resist and Poppy and Coco are always rolling in it and come home looking very spaced-out.  I am very strong-willed though and it doesn't really interest me - mind you when Poppy and Coco are on the scent, nobody gets a look in!

Bed-time for me - the sun rises really early and I make sure everyone gets up so that I can spend as much time outside as possible.  I want to top up my tan.

Have a good week everyone - see you next week.


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