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Sunday 22 April 2012


Hi everyone

Yes, I know the title is very wrong, but it would be lovely to think that throughout April we will have had enough rain to ease the drought problems.  The in-between sunshine is lovely - unfortunately, the in-between rain is making the grass and weeds grow too fast to keep up with.

I began my pottery course this week and it was great.  Although demonstrations are provided, it is pretty much a workshop situation, which is great.  Everyone can do their own thing, learn something new, get ideas from others.  There are 12 of us in the group, myself and one other person are new; the others have been attending the course for several years, and most of them do the afternoon session as well.  Even though the tutor has been different during that time they have stuck with it.  Some really beautiful work has been produced and I am looking forward to working on one or two things over the next few weeks.  My first attempt will be a slab-pot candle-holder with a difference - certainly different to my experience of slab pots when I was at school.  Not for some time, but I hope to be able to put some pics of my work in my Sunday/Monday post in the not too distant future.

I have been very busy with card-making this week and also received orders for several more - so as much as I love sunshine, will be happy if it does rain a little so that I can stay inside and work.  Of the recent orders, here are pics of a few of them.  The brief for each of these was interesting to say the least:

The recipient of this card, Philip, has a small herd of sheep, works for a car company and is a Church Warden.  Pretty tricky to combine in one card, but I managed it with a downloaded background of sheep (found this on the Crafts-U-Print site) in a field.  I added a car to the little building in the field, a church in the top right-hand corner and also managed to find a shepherd.

This one was for a lady with the nickname of Queek.  Queek apparently is a shopaholic (oh, I can identify with that), drinks whisky and has a Yorkshire Terrier.  The person who ordered the card wanted a BIG 70 added.

This one is for another whisky lover and I have blanked out the bottle details as it had her name, plus other bits and pieces.

Had one of our great family get-togethers yesterday at my sister's with some of our cousins.  We always have a really good time, we all have a similar sense of humour and as we all lived so close to each other when growing up, we don't have to explain who people are, what particular events were, places we lived, etc.  One of my cousins is a very talented artist and I am trying to convince her to become one of my Friday Guest Bloggers so I can share her work with you.  Fingers crossed this will happen in the not too distant future.

If you would like to be a Friday Guest Blogger, do get in touch:  The topic can be business-related, something you want to talk about/share with others, about your family or pets, I am happy to include non-craft-related posts.  It's a great bit of additional promotion.  You need to be thinking about 600 - 700 words, with 3 or 4 pics (more if your post needs them) and don't forget to add your links: website, blog, Twitter, etc.  Previous Friday Bloggers are very welcome to join in again.

I hope you read last week's post form Jenny who is behind the lovely Rumpy Dog blog posts - they are great and I recommend following the Rumpy Dog blog.  Thank you Jenny for joining the Friday Bloggers Group.

I had an email yesterday from an event organiser in Wallington asking me to take part in a fair in July.  My feeling is that the cost of petrol (it is a 66-mile round-trip), table fees, etc is quite a bit of outlay before selling anything, plus the time the journey would take would make it a very long day.  It would have been nice to attend as we used to live not far from there, but I think travel costs and time are are a big consideration, so sadly I have said no, thank you.

Not too sure where last week went - washed away in all the rain I think, but I need to get a move on during the coming week.  I have an event in Weybridge on Saturday and do not have many cards for sale - although I sometimes raid my wall at Bourne Mill, but would prefer not to do that this time.  So, a week of hard work (well, I can dream).

Have a good week everyone, don't forget to check out the other Handmade Monday bloggers and I will be back on Wednesday.



  1. Gosh, you have been busy. Those cards are so imaginative - I hope the recipients will be pleased with something so special.

    I love pottery, but I found I preferred to make and decorate themed tiles - I will post a pic of one soon.

    I can confirm that Shackleford has had the normal amount of rain for April - as measured by me; happily that means the lawn is looking fab, but isn't dry enough to mow!

    Lesley x.

  2. Those cards seemed quite a challenge but you came up trumps - love them. x

  3. Those cards are fabulous. And the pottery course sounds great - I am thinking of doing a fused glass course with a lady who lives just over the hill from me.

  4. Those cards are very good and so personal to the recipient. Must admit our weeds are now knee high, is there still a hose pipe ban, with all this rain or should I say deluge of water tipped from a great height the rivers are almost overflowing. Have a good week and enjoy your pottery class

  5. You have been so busy Jill. The cards are lovely and I really like the way you make them so individual to the person. I am really enjoying the Friday guest posts so am hoping that your cousin will sign up for it! Mich x

  6. Hey Jill, I love these cards! Well received I would imagine :) Good luck with your pottery classes - I'd love to do something like that xx

  7. Lucky old you going on a pottery course. Hope we see some of your makes in the near future. Those briefs for the cards must have made your brain whirr, thinking up ideas!

  8. The bottles with the name etc on the labels is a great idea and I love the 'shopper' picture, it's great that they are so personal.
    I'm glad you are enjoying your pottery class and look forward to seeing your makes.

    Jan x

  9. pottery is so much fun isn't it! i hope you enjoy your course and i look forward to seeing your candle holder!

    you must have spent quite some time creating those cards - i'm sure their recipients will be thrilled with them! :)

  10. Love the 70 card and am envious of your pottery course! It's one of those things I will do eventually. Enjoyed your guest blog post this week, what a great idea to write from a dog's point of view.

  11. Love your cards especially the 1st one. Hugs Mrs A. Off to hsave a look at the Craft u-print site for some inspiration. tTanks for mentioning it.

  12. I used to love doing pottery when I was at college and school and your post reminded me of that. And your cards are just lovely x

  13. Great cards, so personal.
    Hugs Sue x

  14. It's lovely to receive a card with so much thought behind it, a lovely keepsake. I went on a pottery course years ago, loads of fun but I think I only have a rather naff coil pot to show for it now!

  15. Beautiful, very personal and totally unique cards - lucky recipiants (not sure about my spelling there!). Glad you're feeling better and enjoying the pottery, I feel quite envious!
    Jo x

  16. I loved pottery at school too but was a bit cack handed lol Good luck with it!
    Lovely cards. it's always nice to receive personal cards I think as so much thought goes intot hem!
    have a great week.

  17. Pottery! I have always wanted to take a class, I can't wait to see what you make.
    Lovely cards too, and thanks for the link to Rumpy Dog, I spent way too long over there reading about feral cats (a hot button issue for me, but I will stay off that topic here). :) So many interesting things ! LOL Now, stay dry! :)

  18. I love the cards you've made there, and I can't wait to see your pottery work. Thanks again for letting me guest blog!

  19. I love the way you come up with great new ideas for your cards... they are brilliant :)


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