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Tuesday 10 April 2012


Hi everyone

I had a lovely comment on my Sunday/Monday post this week - Rachel at House of Pinheiro has given me the Award of Versatile Blogger.  Thank you Rachel.  I think it is a great compliment to receive awards from fellow bloggers, particularly fellow crafting bloggers.  There is more information on this Blog about the Award and you can also collect your Award Blog Button .

I had to chose 15 bloggers to pass the Award on to and the decision-making part was incredibly hard to do - there are so many fantastic blogs that I have come across, read, followed and commented on that to keep it to 15 was difficult.  Now if it had been 50, no problem at all, although I have a feeling I could add many more than 50.  I apologise if I have missed out a great blogger, but as each person I have given this award to has to pass it on to another 15, you may be one of that group.  Good luck.

My nominations are:

Carol's Ditty Kingdom
Dragonfly Jersey
Fiddly Fingers
Handbags by Helen
Hannah Blavins
Jam Dalory
Little Harriet
Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford
Pickle Lily
Planet Penny
Raindrops 'n' Roses
Rumpy Dog
You Love It You Do

The reasons for my 15 are that each blog post these bloggers 'create' is great fun to read, often inspirational, always full of news and most (not all are crafting blogs) contain pictures and details of beautiful work that the blog owner has made during the previous week; some contain pictures of the blog owner's gorgeous animal(s) and some are interesting posts about life and how the blogger sees it.  I have also included one fairly new blog, which has got off to a great start.  Some of you already have this Award, but hey, you can never have too many awards, can you?  Thank you all for being part of my blogging world and enabling me to be part of yours.

In addition to nominating other blogs, I also have to add 7 things about myself to the blog of the person who nominated me.  I am off do to that in a moment, but have added them here too:

  • I love strong, bright colours - both in my garden, my home and in my craft work 
  • I am a big fan of Christopher Lloyd and the gorgeous planting schemes he used
  • I am a big fan of John Brookes and once met him in his garden (I was on a garden design course at the time)
  • I love going to the theatre and don't go as much as I would like to
  • I read anywhere and everywhere and always have 2 or 3 books on the go at any one time, plus craft books open at various pages
  • I love New York
  • Something you may not know, I love cats - kept that well hidden didn't I :)
Enjoy your Award everyone - I will be visiting your blog today to let you know about the Award.  



  1. Aw Jill thank you so much! Will have a good read through it all tonight when back from work - you're a gem xx

  2. Well, this all sounds rather exciting!

    Great to be among such a strong group of bloggers - thank you so much.


  3. Ooooh Thank you so much! Will look into this over the next few days. It's very exciting!

  4. Hey Jill,

    I just want to say a massive thank you for nominating me, you have been a great help to me from day one of blogging and i really appreciate it...........And of course, well done to you for receiving the award! xx

  5. great blog list .. I will going to say hello.

  6. Thanks for including me! And if you like cats, could I interest you in one June Buggie? I could let him go real cheap! woo woo woo!

  7. Thank you Jill for the nomination, would you like a puppy as well?

  8. Thankyou for nominating me Jill! You are very kind.

    I love the theatre too, I have actors and dancers in my family and before I became ill used to love going and seeing them on the stage. I also used to volunteer as front of house at our local playhouse meant I got to see shows for free! :)


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