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Wednesday 25 April 2012


Hi everyone

It's wet, soaking wet, very soggy, and that's all I will say about the weather this time.

I love the sound of having a virtual assistant - someone to do all those work-related things that need to be done, don't get done and then make me feel guilty.  Sadly, as most (if not all) of us in the small-business world know, an assistant (virtual or real) is something we can only dream of - in reality we are our own assistant's.  I can dream and perhaps one day (next century?) I may be able to employ an assistant.  I am currently looking at training Jazz and Daisy to use the computer - we haven't managed to move beyond what the mouse is for.

I did an early morning delivery today of a card order - most of my orders are posted, but it seems crazy not to deliver local ones.  A good bit of promotion really as often I get repeat orders during my visit.  This is one of the cards I delivered this morning:

The recipient, as you can seen, will be 21 (tomorrow actually).  He is an all-round sportsman with a gorgeous red car he calls Colin.  Even though it was only, oh a year or so ago, I can remember what being that age feels like!

A mini-post today as I have lots of card orders to work on, plus new things to make for my event on Saturday - have a look at my 'Where Am I' on the right-hand side of my blog.  If you are in the area of Weybridge, do come along - I haven't done this event before, but it is a regular one and has been very well-publicised, so fingers crossed it will be good for everyone attending.

If you would like to join the growing group of Friday Guest Bloggers, do get in touch:

Enjoy the rest of the week, hope that rains eases off a little.  Don;t forget to come back on Friday for this week's guest post - a good one for event organisers.



  1. Two very reluctant Boxer dogs this morning. Even their raincoats weren't enough to tempt them out for a walk in the rain. Eventually, desperation won over and we had a very nice walk. No gardening today :(. Have just checked the rain gauge - 23mm since 8pm Tuesday.

    Will definitely come back on Friday, and will have a guest post for you when I'm back from hols.

    Stay warm and dry,
    Lesley x.

  2. Like the card and know the recipient will as well.

    This weather is just too much and what are they doing with all the water? not going in the reservoirs to halt the hose pipe ban, surely this is enough?

    I have a VA called Shiloh a perfect pest and not worth the biccies he is paid, really must think about sacking him, lol.

    Hope you do well on Satruday

  3. The card is adorable! We had some storms last night but mostly dry otherwise.


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