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Friday 1 June 2012


My name is Dawn Hart and I'm the very lucky owner of Badger Boo a cheeky Cocker Spaniel, it was a massive surprise to be asked to be a Guest Blogger.  I've been writing about Badger Boo's Daft Adventures for several years now, and they are always written from his point of view.  A bit nuts I grant you, but harmless fun.

*Waves paw and bounces onto Friday Guest Blogger*  Hello everybody, my name is Badger Boo and I'm a very spoilt and naughty Cocker Spaniel *so I've been told* but don't believe a word of it, I'm just Badger Boo Media Hound.

I have lots of Daft Adventures with my hoomans and we have a "House on Wheels" that we are always having adventures in.

Personally I likes it best when we go to the beach, I loves to play fetch with my ball in the sea, it's such pawsome fun.

Where we go regularly my bestest friend is Boomer the Rhodesian Ridgeback, he is totally huge with a big scary bark, but I'm the boss of him because I've known him since he was a not so tiny puppy, and made sure he learnt how to train his hoomans properly, because did you know if you don't train hoomans properly, they have a nasty habit of running off, you can spend ages worrying and looking for them!

I always know when we are going away for an adventure, as my mummy packs me my very own little bag with lots of my favourite toys and food, and of course the tennis balls.  I have three balls, one for the beach, one for general walks and a spare in case we loses one, not that we ever have, cos I'm a brilliant retriever even though I'm a Spaniel BOL (by the way BOL is Bark Out Loud if you've never met me before).

I's got so many stories to tell, I don'ts know where to start *scratches head thinking hard* I knows *starts tapping on keyboard*

"The Bike"

When we goes away hoomans always takes the bikes so we can explore, cos mummy can't walk too far cos she has dodgy knees, and cos it's dangerous to tie me to the steering things, I has a what is called a "Walky Dog" which attaches under the seat, and keeps me well away from any dangers like the wheels.

Because I likes to run and pull so hard, I has to wear a harness to protect my neck and take the strain.  When it gets put on me, I bounces around barking and howling like the Huskies that pull sleds, it always causes a commotion on the campsite as people want to know what is going on.  As mummy explains to them, I gets louder and louder, leaping and running on the spot!  Eventually they stop talking and we are off, I do a massive leap and start to run, mummy has to make sure her bike and me are facing the same way, cos once I leapt but the bike was facing sideways, then CRASH me, mummy and the bike ended out in a massive heap BOL.

When I set off, I'm like a steam train, straining against the harness as hard as I can, because mummy keeps putting the brakes on to slow me down, she says it is to pace me so I don't get worn out and sore paws on the roads.  But as soon as we hit the beach or grass I can have my head and I'm off running as hard as I can, although I'm only allowed to do it for short distances so I don't get too hot and tired as we usually have a long way to go.  After my little blow out run, I'm then happy to just trot along next to the bike enjoying the scenery, whenever we stop for a rest it is always somewhere I can be let off the lead to either mooch around checking the local pee-mails or have a rest if I want too.  I loves going away on adventures with my hoomans, and I'm such a lucky pup that they take me everywhere with them.

I thinks that I had better mention that my fitness been built up slowly to run long distances next to the bike, and although it is fantastic exercise, if any other hoomans want to do it with their dogs, they must start off with short distances for several months, and do it only when their dog is fully mature, otherwise their bones could get damaged.  Depending on the breed of the dog maturity can be anything from 18 months to 3 years old, if in doubt you should ask your vet at what age it is safe to start.  Here is a link to show you how the "Walky Dog"works as it's the one thing I've not been videoed doing.  the only difference is, I am on the left hand side of the bike so mummy is between me and the traffic and I bark all the time cos I's so excited BOL.

I hopes you enjoyed this snapshot of my adventurous life?

My adventures can be followed in two places:

1) My Facebook which has been going for several years now, and has 871 members.  You are welcome to join us and share your own Daft Adventures, or just read about other peoples.

2) My Blog which I started in March of this year, and seems to be very popular too.

The choice is yours, but my little motto is:

I'm the cutest Cocker Spaniel about
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  1. Yay! What a great guest post, love it, love you x.

    Hope you have a great Jubilee weekend with lots of adventures :-)

    1. *waves paw wildly* It was hard to keep it a secret and not spoil the surprise for you Miss Lesley.

      I had to keep stuffing my paw in my mouth every time I spoke to you, cos my little puppy brain has never had to try to keep a secret before.

      BB xx

    2. Well done on keeping the secret! It was a lovely Friday surprise x.

    3. Thought you might of thought I was a bit rude that time I told you you would have to wait and see what I was writing.

      It was hard to keep it from you lol

      D xxx

  2. Absolutely loved it. Nothing more I can say. Made my day.

    1. Glad you loved it Miss CarolC1.

      Happy that it made your day *does a happy dance*

      BB xxx

    2. *waves paw* Glad you loved it Miss CarolC1 *puffs out chest in pride*

      BB xxx

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments Lesley and CarolC1 and a huge thank you to Jill for inviting me along as this weeks Guest Blogger.

    It looks amazing with all the photo's and I hope everyone enjoys an insight into "Badger Boo's Daft Aventures"

    D xxx

  4. What a lovely post! I have fallen in love with Badger Boo he writes a very interesting blog!

  5. *gasps and clutches chest* Why thank you for the pawsome comment Miss Fiddly Fingers.

    That's one huge cat on your Blog, I had to cover my eyes when I saw him, I was pretty scared!

    Mummy thought he was great..

    BB xxx

  6. Kidnapped Mums pooter as loved to read about your ventures. These hoomans need some training but they will learn, either that or beat them into submission, Shiloh x

    1. Hahaha Shiloh, I has to pinch the computer too. Can't have mummy knowing that I has what I gets up too!

      These hoomans are a tricky breed and not too bright when it comes to their training, I find cuddles work well when they do good.

      BB xxx


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