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Sunday 16 December 2012


Hi everyone

It's a crazy time of year for crafters isn't it?  Rushing to keep up with orders and replace stock, while trying to make sure you have everything for your own Christmas.

I am about to go into a full week at Secretts - not every day as I am sharing the cover with my cake-making friend.  Good really as I am finding it hard to keep on top of orders, etc, so need some free time to make stock.  We are both stall-holding on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and really hoping for some great days sales-wise.

It has been a good week so far and in particular the sales my golfing friend managed for me at her club's Christmas Lunch.  A great success and lots of lovely compliments, which are always very welcome in our business, aren't they?

Lots of makes this week, lots of forgetting to photograph them, as always, but took some pics today of bags I have made - again poor quality as it is rather dark in the tent where I am selling:

I was disappointed, and a little hurt, at the comment I came across on a crafts forum this week from a fellow crafter - in fact someone I know.  As those of you who read my post regularly know, in addition to the extra days I am in the Christmas Tent at Secretts Farm Shop, I also took part in their three-day Christmas Fair in November.  The comment made was attributed to someone else, but I wonder about this and it included this: 'the craft stalls at Secrets are a load of tat ........ the garden centre has such lovely stuff to buy why would anyone buy that stuff'.  Not only do I think this is grossly unfair and completely wrong, but I am surprised that a fellow crafter would be so harsh in print, particularly if as they say someone else said this and the writer may not have actually checked out the stalls for them self.  Oh well, it is Christmas - a time to be charitable and forgiving?

I hope you read week one of Milly's diary?  She is settling in very well and it is almost as though she has been with us for ever.  I think she and Daisy have signed the first page of a truce, but there are still several chapters to work through before the final sign-off.

I went for Christmas lunch with my pottery group on Friday and we all had a lovely time.  Nice to see everyone in clothing that is not covered in smudges, paint spots and bits of clay.  We had Christmas crackers and I collected all the 'left-over' bits to use on cards and bags.  Beautiful silvery patterned paper that will look lovely when recycled into Christmas cards and bags.

We had a family Christmas meal yesterday with my sister and her husband.  They are away for Christmas and we always try to spend a day together before they go that is as near to Christmas as is possible and is a good excuse to begin early the Christmas celebrations.  However, it wasn't roast turkey, but beef with pickled walnuts.  I know it may sound unusual, but it was gorgeous - even if I do say so myself.  We did have crackers and all the other normal Christmassy things.

That's it for today, I have to get back to the grind-stone of making (not really a grind-stone) as I need stock for tomorrow.  I hope you all have a good week and don't forget to come back on Wednesday to read Milly's diary, but equally as important is for you to nip over to read the other bloggers taking part in this week's Handmade Monday round - great blogs, great makes and good fun to read and it is the last one before Christmas so a 'must not miss' event.



  1. So glad that you had a good time a the fair. Take not notice of the hurtful comment (hard I know) you know your work is upto standard so blow them!

  2. I agree with the above comment. I also had a situation this week where someone I know said something quite hurtful to me. Although I knew I shouldn't, I couldn't help but let it affect me. It is hard to rise above these things but we do need to. I hope you manage to keep up with the demand this week and have a great Christmas (I suggest you may need a rest!!)

  3. Sounds to me that that mean comment might be made from a bit of jealousy. Rise above it.

    On a brighter note your pottery pals sound fun. Would love to see some of your pottery makes.

  4. Glad you are selling so much you keep needing to make more it must be very satisfying.

    I always think if people are making nasty comments about others, it's usually because they are lacking something in their own lives and it makes them feel better about themselves.

    I think the stalls at Secretts are fantastic and I've not seen any tat, all the work there is of a very high standard, people wouldn't keep coming if it wasn't. Please just ignore them and don't let it get you down.

    Glad to hear Milly and Daisey are starting to make the effort with each other, just watch out Badger Boo doesn't start giving Milly advice lol.


  5. It's definitely a crazy time of year! I know it can be hard to hear/see hurtful comments (especially in writing) but it's best to ignore if you can x

  6. Your bags look fantastically festive and its great to hear you are doing so well with sales!

    Try not to take the negative comment to heart xxx

  7. Your bags are lovely as usual and great to hear your selling so well. I mentioned the negative comment to my husband and he said there's always someone whose jealous. Don't take the negative comment to heart. Lovely to hear you've already started your Christmas celebrations.
    Ali x

  8. They don't call it the silly season for nothing. I agree with all the above comments, sometimes it's difficult but we must hold onto the positives in our lives and let the negatives fade into the distance.
    Have a great week.

    Jan x

  9. Sounds like your festive season is off to a wonderful start! I hope you don't find this week too stressful!

  10. Actually, the Secretts fair is a a very high standard of hand-made crafts and gifts. So pleased it's been successful for you, Jill. I'm staying away from the shops this week x.

  11. What's that old saying, sticks and stones etc. Be positive, and maybe the person making the hurtful comments will realise how petty their remarks are, and learn from your example.
    Have a wonderful Xmas and creative New Year !
    Wendy x

  12. Very busy indeed! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas my friend!

  13. Love the Christmas bags,they're just the right thing!As for the negative comment,well you just have to focus on the positive things like your sales and comments from your golfing friend.Have a lovely Christmas!

  14. You know your products are high quality and we can see that, so I'd ignore them. You've certainly been busy, enjoy your Christmas, Jo x


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