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Sunday 9 December 2012


Hello everyone

Firstly a massive apology to everyone from last week's Handmade Monday and to those friends who kindly commented on my post - I am so sorry that I didn't return the compliment and promise I will do so this week.  Life at the moment is making for my stall at Secretts, selling and making orders - a lovely position to be in, but organising everything else is proving a problem.  I do wonder how I managed to do all of this plus a nearly full-time job!

I even ran out of time for my mid-week post and had planned to turn that over to Milly, our 'new' kitten to write.  She has also been busy, settling in, so her first post will be this week.  You may have read a recent post on here about the igloo we have for our cats - here is a pic of Milly in the igloo.  She prefers to jump on the roof, flatten it and then snuggle inside.  She clearly appreciates that heating is very expensive and is finding ways of keeping warm.  At the time of writing this post, she is cuddled up to Jazz - she is a big fan of him, but he is not too sure yet if he likes it.

As we all know in our business, there are days when it is so frustrating to be involved in handmade and days when it's the best in the world.  I am happy to report that this week the days of 'when it's the best in the world' have occurred more than the not so good days.  I am currently in the process of making for three places: my stall at Secretts, my wall at Bourne Mill and a friend has kindly volunteered to take a big selection of my work to her Golf Club on Wednesday when the society's Christmas Lunch is taking place.  This is in addition to some orders I have to complete during the coming week, so life is hectic but good fun too.

My cake-selling friend, Linda, is helping out on the stand at Secretts and she has been covering for me over the last few days while I have nipped off early or arrived late-ish so that I can spend time making.  Thank you, Linda, I couldn't manage it without you.

At most events I attend I take work with me, but as not all stall-holders are in every day we have to provide cover (an interesting arrangement), so making time is very limited.  However, here are a few photographs of my makes this week - they are taken when in-situ at Secretts, so my apologies for the fact they are not great pics.

Another wreath made with gorgeous black-watch tartan.  I have added a spray of apples, Christmas tree branches and a fir cone to this as well as some gold leaves around the display.

A straw circle, red ribbon, silver leaves and some snow - this sold within minutes of it being put in display and I had spent some time thinking 'no, I am not too sure about this one'.

A black star-covered bag to which I have fixed strips of holographic silver card.  I have added glittery snowflakes to this as well.

A gift bag which features a house in a starry sky and snowy field

Apart from stall management and craft work I am still enjoying my pottery course and this week I collected another pendant that I had made.  This one is made of porcelain and I painted it black and white and then dipped it in a clear glaze.

Unfortunately, the bottom edge touched another piece of work I had placed near to it (it was earrings) and it smudged the glaze.  It is all part of the learning curve and I know next time to be more careful when placing them on the rack.  We have been planning what our project(s) are for next term and I am looking forward to trying something new.  We are off to a local restaurant on Friday to have our Christmas lunch, a nice finish to the term.

A short-ish post finishing with the promise that I will visit and comment on as many of this week's Handmade Monday contributors as possible and also a thank you to everyone who does visit and comment.  I do love to read your comments and really do appreciate the feedback.

Talking of comments, I have received lots of spam comments over the last couple of weeks.  The mind of a spammer is a weird and wonderful (wonderful?) place, but no place for it on my blog

Have a great week everyone.  Milly will be writing the first of her weekly diary posts on Wednesday and I will be back next Sunday; in the meantime, don't forget to visit this week's Handmade Monday bloggers and catch up with what they have been doing over the last week.



  1. I admire your range of makes. I love the white leaf wreath - it is very striking and I am not at all surprised that it sold quickly. I hope that you have another amazing week.

  2. Congratulations on being so busy but I know it can also feel like a curse, especially with a nearly full time job too!

    I love your wreath, I keep meaning to make one but it's looking unlikely :(

  3. Your makes are all lovely, but that pendant is so striking - a shame about the damage. Grr to the spammers.

  4. I can sympathise with the business, I seem to be functioning at a slow gallop at the moment. I wish these pets would pull their weight a bit more on the blogging front, Higgins seems to struggle with the keyboard, I'm sure Milly is better at it than him!

  5. Love the leaves and snow wreath - no wonder it sold so quickly. Such a busy time for everyone, it seems, but like you I find the spammers have plenty of time to be visiting my blog :-(

    Have a great week anyway,
    Alison x

  6. Glad to hear you are having a great time with you makes and they are so popular. They are so gorgeous you are very talented.

    Looking forward to Milly's first blog post, be very interesting to hear her views on Chez Christmas Pie :o)

  7. ooooh i love your pendant! and the apples on the wreath too - a fantastic finishing touch!

    Milly is adorable x

  8. Good to have you back in the land of blog, Jill. So pleased to hear that Secretts has been successful for you. It's a great venue. You certainly have been very busy with new makes.

    And how is gorgeous Millie settling in? Will she be OK with new foster kitties?

    Are we going to have time for a meet up before Xmas? x.

  9. WoW1 You've been super busy ! I just LOVE your tartan wreath ! Wish I had a Milly to snuggle up with ! Have a lovely week ! Siubhan x

  10. It's that time of year when everyone is looking for more time, I like the wreaths, the apples look good enough to eat.
    Enjoy your meal :)

    Jan x

  11. Lovely things! I am looking forward to hearing more from Millie, and well done for just being so organised! I am in awe! Jo x

  12. Those cat igloos are such a good idea, keeps kitties warm and cosy and they feel safe as well. Glad that you're doing so well at the fairs.

  13. The wreath looks lovely. I like the house with the snow scene too. Have a delicious meal,
    Wendy x

  14. It sounds like your really busy at the moment. The wreaths are really pretty. It was great the straw and leaf wreath sold so quickly, instant feedback when your not too sure about an item. I thought it was lovely. I really like the design of the pendant. Can't wait for Milly's post.
    Ali x

  15. Hope you sold well at your stall. Love what you made, especially the bag with the holographic card.

  16. The wreaths are great - no wonder they sold well! Can't wait to see some more of your pottery if the pendant is anything to go by... Sue


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