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Wednesday 12 December 2012


Hi everyone

I have just been called a kleptomaniac!!  Is that the way to treat a new kitten that has moved into your home?  Okay, okay, I have collected a few things since moving in: a carrier bag, a scarf, a pen, a sock - plus lots of other things that my new family know nothing about!  But name-calling is not something I expected and surely they realise that I was only collecting things I need to go shopping with!

Yesterday I celebrated being here for four weeks - but only one week has been as a 'proper' family member and I can honestly say I am loving my new life.  Good food, plenty of warm places to sleep, two humans who think I am wonderful, lots of lovely toys and a very snug igloo that I have to battle Daisy with to occupy.

I now live with two grown-up cats, Daisy and Jazz.  They are both four years old and I love Jazz, I follow him around, play with him (but he does occasionally bop me when I get too playful) and I curl up with him on the sofa each evening.  Not so sure about Daisy yet, don't think she is very keen on me but I am sure I will win her over.

My first week has been spent exploring everywhere because being in a home is brand new to me and as you can imagine there are lots of exciting places to check out.  I have discovered there is so much fun to be had here: climbing curtains is wonderful, getting into cupboards and drawers is great fun as is throwing the contents out on to the floor.  Computers are incredible - things keep moving across the screen and I try to catch them, no success yet, but I won't give up.  The keyboard is great fun too as is sitting on the iPad screen!  That one doesn't seem popular with Jill who claims she is working!  Doesn't look like work to me!

I think I need a snooze.  I am only 17 weeks old and get tired quickly, but I will be back next week with more tales of my new life and also some photographs.



  1. Love the diary, great to get a new home and start settling in x.

  2. Congratulations Jill and Richard on your new addition to your family! What a lovely Christmas present for you both. I'm sure Milly will have lots of love and cuddles and plenty of food, fun and games. Love all your work Jill, everything looks very nice. Your jewellery is lovely too. Expect you'll be enjoying a few days rest over Christmas and then back to the grind when it all starts again. Always interesting to read what you're up to in sunny Surrey. Keep up the good work! Maralyn

  3. Love the diary Milly its great to hear you settling in well xxxx

  4. Glad to hear your settling in well Milly. Our cat is also good at standing on the keyboard if he wants attention. Your a quick learner.
    Ali x

  5. It sounds like Milly is settling in. Love the diary idea.

    Jan x


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