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Wednesday 6 February 2013


Hi everyone

It's a chilly morning in Christmas Pie.  Even chillier yesterday as we had no gas until 7.00 pm.  New pipes being laid in the road so lots of houses were feeling a bit cold.  Looks a bit like a battlefield outside - road up, pavements piled with soil, cars not knowing where they are going to be parked.  Hopefully everything should be back to normal soon.   Jill conveniently managed to arrange to spend the whole day with a friend, so she was warm!  Here is a photograph of Jazz and I keeping an eye on the workmen this morning, making sure they don't stop for too many tea-breaks:

Jill was not my favourite person on Monday.  To start with I didn't have any breakfast!  Then I was bundled into a basket, driven off somewhere and handed over to someone I have never met!  Is this the right treatment for a kitten?  Things didn't improve.  I discovered later that I had had an operation!  I have a little wound on my tummy, lots of fur around it has been removed - how on earth will I look in a bikini??  Thank goodness it is too cold for sun-bathing.  Jill collected me late afternoon and I was a little woozy when we got home - looked like I had had a bit too much of the old Catnip.  I had a little snack, snooze and cuddled up to Jazz in the evening.  He has had operations in the past, so he knew how I was feeling.  I felt much better on Tuesday, back to my usual mad-kitty behaviour.  Back to the same place (Jill said it is called 'the vets') in ten days for a check-up - as you can imagine, I can't wait!

I have to get back to watching the workmen - it can be very tiring, so I may have a snooze soon.



  1. Oh poor Milly glad to hear your on the mend. Hope you and Jill are friends again.
    Ali x

  2. I hope those workmen behaved themselves! I expect you're back to normal now and bossing Jill around. Have a good week-end, Jo x

  3. I am so proud of you for getting your surgery! All the cool cats are spayed ya know!

  4. So pleased it all went well and you are back to your bouncy self. Brrr, no heating? I hope you crawled into Jill's bed :-)


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