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Sunday 24 February 2013


Hi everyone

A week of very mixed weather - lots of snow (only woke up one morning to find it had settled, but not for long), plenty of frost and some sunshine.  One of those weeks when you get to see most of our usual weather - except rain.  I almost wonder what is normal weather for this time of year as every year it seems to be different

It's been a busy week of card-making, workshop planning, lunch with friends and a family get-together - and arranging to foster 4 8-week old kittens, that I am collecting tomorrow.  I am sure Milly will post some photographs of them in her mid-week post on Wednesday.

I met up with the Twitter Gals (Lesley, Dawn and Michelle) on Tuesday for lunch at Secretts Restaurant.  This was our first chance to get together since before Christmas - where does the time go!  While there I nipped into the garden centre and bought three large red raffia type hearts which had been reduced to 25p each - an absolute bargain.  I can either save them for next Valentine's Day or redecorate them for other events this year.

Unfortunately, I cannot add a photograph of one of my card orders for this week, but I will let your imagination conjure up a picture: the order advised that the card was to incorporate model railways, the Titanic, Real Ale and malt whisky - the person was a sergeant in the army too.  It was difficult to get a mix of everything without the card looking too busy, but I made it.. I did have  to leave out the sergeant in the army part as it didn't really fit in with what I produced to meet the rest of the brief.

I know that everyone taking part in this week's Handmade Monday will have lots of lovely makes to look at as well as great blog posts, so don't forget to drop in on the contributors.

This coming week is going to be very busy.  Apart from cards and gift bag orders, my pottery course is back after its half-term break and Linda (my cake-making friend) I are going to a business networking meeting on Wednesday.  I also have kittens to collect and cuddle, a Woking Cats Protection get-together to go to and a birthday party to attend.  After that I think I will spend a day snoozing!

Have a good week everyone, I will be back next Sunday and Milly will be here on Wednesday with tales (or tails) of kittens.



  1. Wow, your customers give you some really detailed commissions! Well done on getting it done. Enjoy the pottery, networking and kittens!

  2. Good luck with the kittens - have fun!

  3. I am am so glad that it is not me having to meet those sort of briefs!! I take my hat off to you. Hope your busy week is a good one :)

  4. What a bargain on those hearts!

    I bet you're looking forward to getting started with pottery again :) can'y wait to see your completed landscape! x

  5. Wow, what a busy week! Good luck with the kittens xx

  6. Sounds like you are going to have a very busy week. Looking forward to seeing your new kittens :)

  7. Gosh that commission sounds complicated!

  8. Oh Jill, I would love to see a picture of those little kittens. What a fun job! Have a great week.


  9. Can't wait to see the kittens

  10. Another busy week. I can't wait to hear what Milly makes of the new arrivals. Your card certainly sounds unusual. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  11. Wow, rather you than me having to fit all of that on a card! You are a nother lady who is always so busy - how do you fit it all in? xx

  12. The weather was so strange over the weekend. Not nice at all. Little puppy wasn't happy. Hope you have a lovely, busy, happy, crafting week. Let's meet up again soon x.


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