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Wednesday 20 February 2013


Hello everyone

Jill is writing my diary today because she claims she knows the full story.  As if!

I woke in the early hours of Monday morning to crash, bang, thump, etc and thought 'oh, only Milly playing with her toys'.  Dropped off to sleep, but woken up again a little later as the noise was continuing - Jazz and Daisy were sound asleep, so clearly nothing to do with them.  I got up to find Milly 'playing' with a mouse - a real one!  Luckily it had departed this world already, but the question was (and still is) where did it come from?

Milly has not been outside yet, Jazz catches things but tends not to bring them inside (well, he tries to) and Daisy restricts her catches to flies, spiders and butterflies!  Yes, I know cats can be disgusting, but how can you change the habits of history.  With three cats in the house, it seems impossible to think this mouse has been living here.

Sunday was a gorgeous, sunny day and we think that as we had the back door open during the day (Milly tucked away elsewhere) that one either nipped in to get away from the many cats who live around here, or Jazz did indeed bring one in and it got away from him.

Just before 3.00 am on Monday morning saw me sweeping up said mouse and nipping out into the garden (it was very, very cold) to dispose of him (or her).  What did Milly do next?  Went to sleep!

Milly will be back next week with her diary - hopefully mouse-free.



  1. My Aunt's cat was always bring mice home and lining them up at the back door. At least it wasn't alive. Looks like
    Milly is really keeping you on your toes.
    Ali x

  2. Hhmmm, must get to the bottom of this. Hope you all enjoyed an afternoon nap after the night-time adventures :-)

  3. Hope there are no more nightly visits!
    Wendy x

  4. Sounds like one of those confusing mysteries of the universe along with where do all the odd socks go?



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