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Sunday 16 March 2014


Hello everyone

What a fabulous weekend, lots of gorgeous warm, sunny sunshine - long may it last.

Firstly my apologies for not commenting on any of my fellow Handmade Monday blogs last week - I will try to do a double whammy this week, I promise.

This sunshine is very motivating and I have been working on making stock for two events I have coming up in the next three weeks - one I am 'just a stallholder' in, the other is the first one I am organising.  Many years ago I disliked decoupage - I think mainly because I am a pretty impatient crafter and the fact that it took a long while to build up a picture meant frustration at not having something made more or less immediately.  Things change and I love decoupage now, I like the fact that it takes a while to build up a picture and also that I can change how it likes by adding extra bits in or leaving bits out.  This week, as well as two decorated jute bags, I have been busy on the decoupage front and here are pics of some of my work:

The cat bride and groom - couldn't resist this one

Beautiful dark red lilies

Gorgeous red poppies

The Easter bonnet bag

The Easter bunny bag

The title of today's post doesn't mean that I have been clowning around this week, but I have been looking for a clown.  I want something to attract visitors to my first event and thought a clown, a magician or something similar would be good fun.  Easier said than done apparently - I have contacted a few and hardly any have replied.  Apart from the fact that I think it is very unprofessional not to reply, it is also very time-wasting - my time that is.  How long does it take to say 'no, we don't do that' or something along those lines.  It has been back to the Internet today looking for potential entertainers - I have asked a few friends if they fancy dressing up as the Easter Bunny!  I am sure you can imagine the replies.

Time to do some pruning while the sun is still shining; it would be lovely to get the grass cut, but unfortunately, our garden is still very soggy.  A couple more weeks of this lovely warm sunshine would help though.  

Have a great week and hopefully this time next week I will be able to tell you that I have tracked down the Easter Bunny!  Even better that I have tracked down the REAL Easter Bunny.  Don't forget to visit Handmade Monday - top of my list of blogs to visit this evening.

See you next week



  1. Hehe i hope you track down the Easter Bunny in time for your fair!

    I've never tried my hand a decoupage but you make it sound very enjoyable, i'll have to put it on my 'to do' list :)

    Your Easter themed bags are fab, those little bonnets are such a fun idea! x

  2. I'm so glad of the lovely spring weather! Your Easter bonnet hat is very cute.

  3. I love your Easter bonnet bag, it is a fun design. I've been making the most of the sun and spent most of the weekend weeding! We did manage to mow the lawn even though it is still quite squishy.

  4. I love your decoupage. I love the look but hate the length of time it takes, so I'm a bit of a decoupage cheat and use the die-cut ones. I love your Easter bags, I'm sure they will be snapped up quickly at your fairs.

  5. Good luck with your fairs, I hope you find your clown or the Easter bunny :). How about a balloon artist, they are popular at a couple of events I have attended :)

    Jan x

  6. I like the bunnies bag, very sweet. Good luck with the entertainer, hope you find someone.

  7. Beautiful cards and bags Jill, the colours are so vivid, really looking forward to your first event.

    Not sure if you'd be interested but Himself uses make up to make realistic wounds and the kids love them when he does them at the first aid tent at events he attends as First Aid cover.

  8. I like the idea of an Easter Bunny, a bit more than a clown (as they tend to freak some people out).

  9. I've never tried decoupage but it looks very complicated. I don't think I have the scissor skills to cut the interrogate bits out.

    I love the two bags you've made using decoupage. I would never have thought you could do something like that on fabric.

    Good luck in finding the Easter Bunny... xx

  10. The Easter Bunnies Bag must be my favourite. As to the real one, he's just left here and is on his way to you .... having looked at all your lovely pictures ... :)) x

  11. Glad you have found the sunshine motivating:) it tends to make me want to sit & enjoy it with a cup of tea!!


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