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Sunday 9 March 2014


Hello everyone

Sunshine!  What more can I say?

Many thanks for the lovely comments on my blog post of last week - always appreciated and it is so nice to have feedback.

A busy week  and as I sit here tyring to remember what I have done, I can't, although I know it was a busy week.  A friend of mine writes a Done list every day rather than a To-Do list - makes more sense really as you can then recall what you have done and been proud of it.

I took part in a wedding fayre at the Frensham Pond Hotel today.  It was fairly quiet but I took definite order details from three people, so fingers crossed more may follow.  There were less stands there than at previous events and we were wondering why.  Those people taking part at today's events were regulars and those that weren't (from memory) were ones that we could not recall from previous events.  It is such a lovely venue.  I don't know if you know Frensham Ponds in Surrey?  It is rather like having the seaside on your doorstep.  Here are pics of some of my today's display:

This proved to be a very popular range and although the ivory ribbon and pink butterfly looked pretty, several colour ranges are available.

This week is a mix of preparing a set of accounts for a friend's church which I then have to present at the parish meeting on Wednesday evening, yet more event work, card-making, getting ready for an other wedding fayre next Sunday, making stock for an event I am taking part in on 22 March and trying to sort out the website I have set up for the event part of my 'hat' collection.  How I managed to book two wedding fayres so close together I don't know.

A fairly brief post for me this week - before the sun completely disappears I am going to take a nice cold glass of wine into the garden.  Don't forget to visit the Handmade Monday bloggers and and catch up with their makes.  I will be back next week and in the meantime have lots of sunny fun.



  1. Sounds like quite a busy week planned for you. Hope it all goes smoothly. I like the gold colour theme you've got going in your display items.

  2. Your invitations are beautiful. I really like the butterfly design. I love the idea of a done list, it would allow you to see what you'd achieved. Looks like your going to have another busy week. I'm missing your pottery posts. How's it going? Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  3. I love those invites, the natural look of it is very pretty, I'm not surprised they are so popular. The butterfly detail is lovely :)

    Jan x

  4. Wow - you sound busy. I hope you can enjoy a bit of a break with that glass of wine. The sunshine really seems to inspire us crafters, doesn't it?

    Have a great week crafting :-)

  5. Always wondered what's all on offer at wedding fayres. Maybe I should go along under false pretences lol. Well done! Sounds your time there was successful!

  6. The invitations look lovely. I like the natural look too.

  7. I love the idea of a done list, although I suspect it wouldn't work for me! I would forget to do stuff and it would never make it to my list! Enjoy the wine in the garden - how lovely!

  8. Gosh you've certainly got lots to fill up a 'done' list! Your cream and natural theme with the butterfly is wonderful.

  9. Loving the natural look of the wedding invites - trust you enjoyed your glass of wine:)

  10. How on earth do you fit all that in?

  11. Big fan of the natural look you are using. Glad you got some orders from the fair!

  12. Isn't the sunshine lovely! I'm glad you're getting the chance to enjoy it.

    Your wedding display looks beautiful i love the ivory ribbon against the buff card :) x

  13. The wedding stationery is just gorgeous, no surprise that you took orders. Hope you enjoyed your sunny Sunday x.

  14. Hey- finally worked out how to leave a comment! Love your work, very inspirational. Less is more & your work is so much more. Well done

  15. It sounds like you've been rushed off your feet, make sure you don't overdo things. I really like the natural colours in your stationery - I'm sure that's a really popular style.


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