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Monday 13 April 2015


Hello everyone

I really cannot believe that this dedicated blogger (well a used-to-be dedicated blogger) has not posted for over four months!  I haven't abandoned or forgotten my blog, I just never seemed to be in the right place (in front of something with a keyboard that is) when I remembered I needed to/should write something.  This could be a very, very long catch-up post, but I think it would be better spread out over several days of posting.

Where do I begin?  As most of my life last year seemed to be devoted to organising events, perhaps that is a good place to start.  Did I learn anything from year one?  Yes, I most certainly did.  Mostly that it is incredibly hard work and how stallholders do not realise that it takes up an amazing amount of 'hidden' time to organise each event.  When you receive an email late on Sunday night 'demanding'
a reply, ones event smiley-face tends to not be so smiley.

I learnt that giving away free table space in return for promotion/support of an event does not work and it tends to be taken for granted that the recipient of the freebie clearly thinks that being there is enough.  I offered three crafters a free crafting-workshop table/space in return for regular promotion of their participation at the event (which would have promoted the event itself).  One was very supportive, the others did nothing until prompted and then didn't even bother after the event to say 'thank you'.  Lesson learned?  Yes, well, not quite, but almost.

Promoting until my hands, feet and eyeballs drop off or out and my back aches seems to go with the job.  Advertising just about everywhere still draws comments such as I didn't see a poster here, here or here.  Have you tried advertising in this, this or this?  Believe me I have tried just about anything and everywhere to promote the events I organise - some incredibly expensive and turning out to be a dreadful waste of money, some just involving lots of poster-hanging and sore feet.

If I have been able to take photographs of events I post them on Facebook.  One participant at an event complained that I had not included photographs of her stall.  Part of my reply was to ask her if she had liked, shared or commented on the individual post I had made about her and her work prior to the event.  She did not reply.

It wasn't all frustration though, there were some funny comments, such as 'why don't you offer an iPad as a raffle prize?'.  'How about hanging a flag over the building?'  'How about fixing a banner up on a brick wall?' - the place suggested was about 15 foot off of the ground.  'People can't see the banner outside of the building' - I have tried up-rooting the railings it is fixed to, but it has proved a little tricky and the local authority got rather upset when I tried to demolish their building.  Another one was 'how about giving free entry to visitors?'.  Er, entry to my events is always free.

When I first began this post, I had no intention of griping or groaning, so my apologies for it turning that way, but it just seemed a good time to get rid of the gripes and groans.  However, I must give a special thank you to those stallholders and friends who have been brilliant with help, promotion and support for the events:

Lesley Beeton - my brilliant PR person
Jill Stobbart of the Gilded Raven
Linda Banks of Orchid Glass
Lee Sherlock of Bespoke Kisses
Karin Webb of KWOriginals
Dawn Hart of Stonepit Crafts

I will be back again later this week with more news of what is happening in the world of Christmas Pie Crafts and I promise no whingeing, well almost no whingeing.