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Sunday 31 July 2011


Hi everyone

Back to work on Monday - oh dear.  However, only for three days, then on hols some more and back for just two days at the end of August.  Yipeeee.

Have done quite a bit of crafting this week - more than I expected as I have been planning and working on some new ranges and ideas.  All will be revealed over the next two or three months, so do come back regularly to my blog to see news and announcements.

Really need to start building stock for Christmas as I already have three events booked, plus my Bourne Mill Wall to fill.  I know we seem to be taking on board the USA's Christmas in July theme, and as a business I know I should also subscribe to this idea, but when the sun is shining I find it very hard to think Christmas.  So, it may be that Christmas will be a little late for me this year - around August time or possibly September or.........

I started (or rather re-started work on my website) - the major problem I am having is finding a background that has my business colours (black, white and lime green) but also represents craft.  I like my business colours, but know they can be quite dramatic, but want to keep them for my website, but ensure the view is not too harsh.  I have found a few free backgrounds, but am having problems loading them - but will persevere as a website is definitely needed asap.

At long last some pics of my cards - these cards also have small matching gift cards (with envelopes) as part of the set.  If you would like to buy one, or order a personalised one from this range, please contact me on


Off to enjoy some more gardening in the sunshine - no matter how grim or wet the weather is the weeds are always magnificent!

Have a good week everyone.


Thursday 28 July 2011


Hi everyone

Looks as though summer has arrived - well at least for today.

I am doing a mid-week post specifically to ask for votes for my cat Jazz, who is a gorgeous looking boy I am sure you will agree.  His pic has been entered in the Royal Canin Photo Competition 2011 to win a year's supply of cat food,  He has promised to share it with Daisy, so think he definitely deserves lots of votes because of that.  So, can I ask you all to vote for him please - the link to click on is:

Many thanks - I will let you know how he gets on.


Sunday 24 July 2011


Hi everyone

Summer seems to be disappearing amidst rain and chilly breezes - just when we decide to take some time off of work!  Oh well, nice not to have to get up at the crack of dawn, although with two young cats nothing has really changed.

A busy-ish week, not lots of crafting but seem to have got lots of craft planning sorted out.  Big plans for moving things forward over the next 6 months.  Met with Caroline in the week to discuss how we can take over the world, well craft-wise that is.  Lots of great ideas and we now need to put them into practice.

My plans for the next few weeks include sorting out my website - mind you that has been my plan for the last few months.  Not too sure if I want to sell from the website, but do feel that it is important to have a website to showcase my cards.  We all use the internet so much these days to either find information or look for something special, even if we don't buy online, it's great to have a look around to see what's available.

A mini-post this week - as always will 'try' to get some of my cards photographed and posted on here soon. but in the meantime, here is a pic of our two gorgeous cats, Jazz & Daisy.

Have a good week everyone


Sunday 17 July 2011


Hi everyone

Such a shame about the weather.  Is this July - seems more like October.  However, the grass is looking very green (must be the moss) and the flowers are doing really well - lovely not having to water everything.

A great day yesterday.  We had a family bash to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary (which was earlier this month).  Despite the horrible forecast, we did manage to sit out in the sunshine (yes, we had sunshine) and had a BBQ.   Amazing.  It was great fun, and so lovely to see everyone and although it was hard work, we had a great time and the day disappeared too quickly. Hard to believe we have actually been married for so long!  And survived!

Working three days this week in the 'day job' and then off until beginning of August - thank goodness.  Both of us are off together for the last week of July, lots to do in the garden, but will do lots of relaxing too and hope the weather is good.

Very little, in fact nothing, done in the crafting area this week.  However, after our 'hols' will be back to planning and plotting what to do next to move my business forward - more important than ever now as I am giving up the 'day job' at the end of August.  I am soooo looking forward to not having the stress and hard work of another academic year - I am sure there will be times when I will miss it, but the very, very early mornings and the very, very late nights will not be missed at all, especially in winter.

Am planning on completing a calligraphy course during the summer, think it would be a lovely addition to my cards and something I could do at events to personalise cards for customers.  Also want to get more into embossing and have bought some gorgeous coloured pastes and stencils.  So watch this blog for some pics over the next couple of months.

Have a good week everyone


Saturday 9 July 2011


Hi everyone

I suppose I have been blogging for about 2 years, and started off with a blog using my previous business name (won't mention it) only to find that it was too similar to another business and I changed to Christmas Pie Crafts.  Not really a problem as I had been planning on changing it for some time to a name that was appropriate to a range of handmade products, rather than just greetings cards.  Then I set up another blog, but wasn't overly happy with that one so I returned home to Blogger and set up a brand new blog - and here it is.

I am still making greetings cards, they are still on sale at the Bourne Mill Antiques Centre in Farnham, and I am still working on my web site!  But, some good news (well for me) I am giving up my 'day job' from the end of August.  I still need to be a little bit of a wage-slave, but I aim to spend more time on my business.  I would really like to sell my cards in small local shops, perhaps florists as they will compliment their products, small newsagents who may like cards that are a little bit different, and at local events and, eventually, from my website.

For a while I had been making decoupaged/painted picture frames and gift boxes, but I am leaving this for a while as need to concentrate on card stock - however, I will take my frames and boxes to events to see if they are popular.  I am also planning to offer wedding stationery as part of my business: invitations, save the date cards, orders of service, etc.  I will put pics of my cards and other products on my blog so that you can see the type of work I do.

Earlier this year I organised an event at Normandy Village Hall with a friend (Caroline from Caroleecrafts).  We worked our socks off, almost literally, and it wasn't the success we had hoped for, although we had some lovely stallholders take part and feel that we helped raise the profile of handmade.  However, hopefully in the not too distant future event organisation will be back on the agenda.

In a nutshell that is me up-to-date.  Lots of plans for the future, lots of great ideas to make my business a success, so keep checking regularly to see what is happening with Christmas Pie Crafts.  Better still, why not follow me?

Have a great weekend