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Sunday 20 July 2014


Hello everyone

Do you get the feeling we are never satisfied in the UK when it comes to the weather?  It rains - we moan; it snows - we moan; it's hot - we moan.  I know it's a great topic, but while we are moaning think how lucky we are to have changing seasons.  At least we know we will have different weather - even if it sometimes
happens all in one day and we can go through at least two changes of wardrobe.

It is, as seems to be the norm this year, hectic at Christmas Pie Crafts.  Planning new makes for the Christmas market.  Thinking what can I do as an alternative to the Secretts Christmas Fair and Emporium that runs (or ran) for the month afterwards.  Sadly, it is not taking place this year as the owners have decided not to run it any more.  I don't understand their decision, it must have been a financial success for them: both by marquee space hire and the increased number of customers they had in the farm shop.  Their decision is a big disappointment for me and the other regular stallholders.  I really enjoy a 2 or 3-day event (it is so nice being able to walk away on days 1 and 2 without having to pack-up) and I have been looking into others.  However, the two or three that are interesting are at least an 80-mile round trip for me and with a finishing time for some of 8.00 pm (coupled with an onsite time of, at the latest, 8.00 am) I don't think I want to take that on - not with everything else I would be juggling at the same time.  So, back to the drawing board and if not for this year, then definitely for next year.  Perhaps I should organise my own 3-day event.

Trying to think of everything else I have been doing since my last blog post and have to resort to my diary - must be an age thing, if I don't write it down it's gone for ever.  Just completed a  battle with TravelZoo (TZ) and Experify; 3 friends and I bought one of TZ's deals that provided us with vouchers for a River Thames cruise (which was really lovely) and a meal at the Altitude Restaurant.  Sadly when got to the restaurant they knew nothing about us and had declined over six months ago to be part of the TZ deal.  Because it was gone 9.00 pm and we were starving, we had our meal but had to pay for it (again).  Emails and telephone calls were getting us nowhere, so I resorted to Social Media - the response and resolution of the problem was pretty quick and a refund was received this week.  I didn't like having to resort to naming and shaming, but having waited over 2 months for the money to be refunded, it seemed to be the only way to get something done.

My pottery sessions having now finished until September, but lucky for us, our tutor has organised a one-day workshop in her studio to take place mid-August - she will be sending out suggestions of what we can make, so I am looking forward to that.  I have been busy with my Hat Family and here they are so far:

Jackie O type sunglasses and a large brimmed black and white hat

I mucked up the lips on this one, so bought some bright red paint and she now sports luscious red lips

My original Mr Hat man

What do I have planned for this coming week?  I have recently begun renting storage space very local to me and having carried out quite a bit of research, it is much cheaper than the other places I have looked at.  Supplies and makes are getting a bit too much here and it was either move Richard into storage or my 'stuff'.  Hard decision, but it is easier to store my stuff than it is to store Richard, he would need to be let out every day!  This week will see more stuff being moved from our home to what could have been Richard's summer-home - oh well......

I am organising another event at the Fairlands community Hall - this is a Christmas one, is in a popular residential area and the venue is in regular use by residents of the area.  Always lots going on, lots of publicity about the venue and its activities so I am hopeful of a good foot fall for this one.  It takes place on 13 December so if you are nearby come along and see me.  I am also looking into arranging some other sorts of events, so lots on at the moment.

My good news of the week is that my two lovely foster kittens, Sage and Angelica, were adopted yesterday.  They have been with me for a long time and will be off to their new home next week.  Here is a lovely pic of them (Angelica is the one sticking her tongue out):

I think that is me pretty much up-to-date, I am re-joining the Handmade Monday crowd this week.  I feel very guilty about not blogging regularly, not visiting other crafters' blogs and generally getting behind with everything.  Busy times as I have changed my website hosts - I was with Vistaprint and spent so little time on the websites, that I decided a complete change was needed.  I have gone with Wix, bought domain names (which I couldn't before as the ones I wanted were not available through Vistaprint) and I am currently working on my new Christmas Pie Crafts website (details next week) and also a new one for Surrey Independent Markets, my event hat business (details of that one next week too).

That is definitely me up-to-date!  Have a great week everyone, let's hope the sun stays out but the temperature drops a little and it rains at night to save watering the garden.



  1. You're right about the weather - 2 days into the heatwave and I'm moaning for rain! it sounds like there is a need for a 2/3 day event in your area so why not go for it and organise one! I've applied for one in Liverpool but not heard if I've been accepted yet.

  2. Wow you have been so busy no wonder you haven't had time to post. I was glad to read you got your money back after all that. I think your hat people look wonderful, really unique. Your kittens are so cute. I can't show my daughter their photo she'll be wanting to adopt them. I'm sure Richard is glad he's not in storage. Hope you have a lovely if somewhat busy week.
    Take care. Ali xx

  3. Loving your Hat family and so pleased to hear Angelica and Sage have at last found a forever home, it's very disappointing about Secretts decision not to hold the Christmas event, fingers crossed they realise how much it brings in and start it again next year, good news about your new websites, I look forward to seeing them


  4. Got the same problems on THIS side of THE POND as well! - Weather dictates *everything* around here! And nearby Fair-bookings are becoming bothersome also... My primary one just raised the price a good chunk and reduced the "time" by a half hour. Meanwhile, I was hoping to get in on a Fall show in a new area for me [where the local 30-Something-Snob-istas dwell], despite the lack of parking and numerous other NON-friendly Vendor problems. Not to mention, a rather short lead up time. -- I'm currently on a "WAIT-LIST"..? -- Forget THAT! Got better things to "make" with my time!

    BTW, LOVE your HAT-PEOPLE! - Very Easter Island MOA-"MOD"!

  5. Your Hat Family are brilliant, I love the bright red lips :) We certainly do like to have a good moan about the weather, I for one am enjoying the variety of sun and thunder storms.
    Jan x

  6. Wow, you have been busy. Looking forward to seeing the new websites. Love your pottery family - think the lips are fab. Wonderful news about Sage and Angelica. I thought R was moving into the shed ;-)

  7. I love your hat people, they look fabulous. It sounds like everything is very hectic and busy for you. Websites do take a lot of work and time, but hopefully once they're up and running you can have a little rest - and fill the time with crafting instead ;)


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