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Wednesday 23 July 2014


Hello everyone

I am getting as bad as Jill for not blogging regularly!  I have an excuse though because when the sun shines I want to be outside.  It's my birthday next week - I will be 2.  Amazing.  Wonder what flavoured cake I will get?  Pigeon?  Magpie?  Such a lot of choice for one little cat.

It's busy, busy, busy here - as always.  Our two foster kittens, Sage and Angelica are going to their new homes next week.  They have been here for such a long time, I was beginning to get a little worried that they might move in!  Only room for one black and white kitten in this home and I tell them that every time I walk past their room.  Jill said there will be more kittens after Sage and Angelica have been homed - more?????  I am worried about her, do you think she is becoming one of those crazy cat ladies people talk about?

Although it is lovely to be outside in the sunshine, not so sure we cats are enjoying this heat.  It can get a bit too much when you have a fur coat.  Some of us stay in the shade, some of us are not so bright.  Daisy snoozes in the conservatory!  Temperatures in there are very, very, very hot.  She is bonkers!   You can suddenly find her stretched full length in the shade outside on the patio.

Talking of hot, don't forget to leave plenty of water out for your animals and also out in the garden too for passing cats who may be desperately looking for a drink.  They could try our pond, I have, but Jill and Richard have strong netting over it!  So unfair!

Have a great week everyone - I will be back next week and hope it is a little cooler by then.



  1. Nice to hear from you, Milly. You'll miss those pesky kittens :-) We have a water dish for hedgehogs, tucked away out of reach of the Boxer dogs :-)

  2. Maybe you'll get a cake made with several different birds. Make sure you keep any new kittens in line.


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