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Wednesday 30 July 2014


Hello everyone

I had big plans to write my diary early this week, but a frog got in the way!  He looked pretty lonely sitting by the pond, so I brought him indoors.  I thought he might like some of my breakfast.  Jill thought differently and took the frog back outside to the pond!  No wonder I don't have any friends, she takes them all away from me!  Mind you, it isn't just me, she took a frog away from Coco on Monday!

Sage and Angelica went to their lovely new home yesterday; they have new names and are now known as Milo and Mimi.  Apparently we have more kittens coming to stay with us next week - as you cat lovers know, there are always more kittens on the way and Woking Cats Protection are always looking for lovely homes for all of them so if you are planning on adopting a cat or kitten, please do have a look at the website.

As you  all know, because I keep reminding you, it's my birthday on 2 August - my star sign of Leo is so appropriate.  I did some research of the Kiternet and found some interesting things out about Leo's:

Leo strength keywords are: confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging.  I am ambitious, confident and loyal, but not so sure about the generous or encouraging bits.  Leo weakness keywords are: pretentious, domineering, melodramatic, stubborn and vain.  I have to admit that I can identify with some of these too.  I am domineering, melodramatic and stubborn; definitely not vain as my often grey, should be white, fur testifies.  I don't think I am pretentious, although having looked up the definition on the Kiternet, I am now wondering about this: 'attempting to impress by affecting greater importance' - me?  Never!

It's time for me to go and be stubborn and see if that silly frog is sitting by the pond again!

Have a good weekend everyone - see you next Wednesday.


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  1. Silly Jill, everyone knows frogs and cats get on well together! I shall wish you a happy birthday now, so that I don't forget.


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