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Sunday 31 July 2011


Hi everyone

Back to work on Monday - oh dear.  However, only for three days, then on hols some more and back for just two days at the end of August.  Yipeeee.

Have done quite a bit of crafting this week - more than I expected as I have been planning and working on some new ranges and ideas.  All will be revealed over the next two or three months, so do come back regularly to my blog to see news and announcements.

Really need to start building stock for Christmas as I already have three events booked, plus my Bourne Mill Wall to fill.  I know we seem to be taking on board the USA's Christmas in July theme, and as a business I know I should also subscribe to this idea, but when the sun is shining I find it very hard to think Christmas.  So, it may be that Christmas will be a little late for me this year - around August time or possibly September or.........

I started (or rather re-started work on my website) - the major problem I am having is finding a background that has my business colours (black, white and lime green) but also represents craft.  I like my business colours, but know they can be quite dramatic, but want to keep them for my website, but ensure the view is not too harsh.  I have found a few free backgrounds, but am having problems loading them - but will persevere as a website is definitely needed asap.

At long last some pics of my cards - these cards also have small matching gift cards (with envelopes) as part of the set.  If you would like to buy one, or order a personalised one from this range, please contact me on


Off to enjoy some more gardening in the sunshine - no matter how grim or wet the weather is the weeds are always magnificent!

Have a good week everyone.


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  1. Expecting more Xmas cards Jill, just not on this slacking in the garden, he! he!. Love the top card with the gray/silver very elegant and what is this work thing you are talking about, don't understand. lol


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