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Wednesday 18 July 2012


Hi everyone

Is it me or is it getting a little warmer and a little less soggy every day?  Could it be that the long-awaited summer is on the way?  In between crafting (which is perhaps the only reason why I don't mind the rain in the summer) and rain, we keep nipping out to get some more gardening done.  I find that as soon as I turn my back on a particular patch, up pops a Mare's Tail or a nettle shoot.  Yes, I know nettles are great for all sorts of things, but there are certain parts of my garden that I don't want them to take up residence in.  They seem to sprout around our pond and digging them up is hard work as the roots tend to travel - although they don't pierce the liner, they do occasionally dislodge the edging.  We are expecting a delivery any time soon of Heucheras that I ordered from Plantagogo; their bed is already for them (weeds permitting) and I am looking forward to getting them settled in before Autumn.  The colours are gorgeous and I will post a pic on my blog as soon as they feel happy to pose for me.
I received an email from Blink Collective yesterday regarding their Experiences venture, which sounds really exciting: Blink allows skilled and passionate people to list 'Experiences' for others to buy.  Experiences are things people can: Make, Learn, Do or See.  We're a bit like Etsy, but rather than selling goods we allow people to sell their skill and knowledge.  We're UK focused and with over 600 listings we already have some traction.  As with any email that arrives out of the blue, I was a little concerned.  I checked on the Crafts Forum  I belong to and discovered that several members had also been contacted, carried out research and had signed up with Blink Collective.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I have signed up too and as I have been thinking of and planning card-making classes for some time, this looks a great way to promote them.

I want to highlight three of my favourite blogs (and bloggers) today:

Lesley who is the Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford 
Dawn of the Dawn Hart Blogspot
Badger Boo and his daft adventures

I love all of their blogs, but my main reason for mentioning them today is to thank them for always replying to comments left on their blogs - not just mine, but everyone's.  Commenting on blogs isn't always carried out and I know it can be time-consuming but taking the time to reply to comments left is great and means your comment has been read and appreciated.  Thank you both - oops sorry, Badger Boo - thank you too.

Still not raining, so perhaps a little more weed-pulling fun is on the cards.  Don't forget to come back on Friday for my guest blogger's post.  I will be back with my normal Sunday/Handmade Monday post



  1. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for mentioning Blink Collective - we really appreciate it :) We'll be in touch again soon!


    1. First course listed Jo - it looks a great site. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Oh dear Jill, you spoke too soon. After a lovely day yesterday, today is turning out rather soggy after all.

    Thanks so much for the mention. I feel that leaving a blog comment is the least I can do, as someone has taken the trouble to write something original about something they are passionate about.

    I look forward to hearing how the Blink Collective works out for you x.

    1. I just happened to post on the Crafts Forum that we had only had a few drops of rain here and the heavens opened! I know I seem have a fixation with talking about the rain, but perhaps I should agree not to mention that dreadful four-letter word again. Well for a day or so. Blink Collective looks very interesting and I have listed my first card-making course - fingers crossed it gets booked.

  3. The sun did come out but has now gone and the clouds look to be threatening rain, still summer starts this weekend according to the weathermen.

    I love to have comments but don't get me started on that one again after the usual trawl, well enough said!!!

    Have a good day weeding

  4. Hi Jill another great blog I think card making classes are a great idea, certainly something I'd be interested in.

    Thank you for the mention Jill what a lovely surprise, if people take the time to read and comment then I believe its only polite to reply. As a fairly new blogger I have noticed that the more blogs I read and comment on I hardly ever get a reply which I find a little odd as a massive facebook user.

    Dawn xxx

    **shoves mummy off pc and waves paw**

    Hello Miss Jill thank you for the nice compliments **blushes** my paws just love to dance on the keyboard in reply

    Badger Boo xxx


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