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Sunday 20 October 2013


Hi everyone

A very busy weekend following a hectic week.  It's definitely a feet up and watch television evening - well, it will be once I have done some more work.

Yesterday I took part in the Play Kenya Craft Fair in Pirbright and a great day sales-wise.  I sold my lovely black cat jute bag, as well as one I made in the week with a Scottie dog on a red sequin lead.  My mini-cards were a great success and I also sold one of my cuppa-candles.  I completely forgot to take photographs and my cake-making friend, Linda, took some instead but they may have to wait for next week to be posted on my blog.  The craft fair was pretty near to 100% handmade, which was lovely.

Today it was the Wedding Fayre at the Frensham Pond Hotel.  I have taken part in a wedding fayre at this venue before and it is always very well organised.  Mala, the Sales & Events Organiser, regularly visits each stallholder throughout the day to see how their day is going; there is always good follow-up after the event and a really nice touch is that we get vouchers for tea and coffee and a sandwich.  Lots of interest in my wedding stationery, a request for a quote and I hope there will be follow-ups once the brides-to-be have ploughed through the large bag of promotional material they collected during the event.

Earlier this week Mala asked if I could produce some wedding stationery to go on their welcome table - their colours were going to be purple and white.  I produced an invitation and place name card.  Mala also asked if I could produce two menu cards for the table, which I made in similar colours to the invitation and here are photographs of them:

The following are a of pic of my stall and a sample invitation I was recently asked to produce :

One of the highlights of the event was this cake:

Isn't it fantastic?  All those lovely vegetables.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  The cake is made by the brilliant Cruikshank's - have a look at this website and you will see the gorgeous cakes he makes.  I asked him if I could take this photograph and promised I would add his details as a thank you.

It's over to Handmade Harbour for me now to catch up with everyone's week.  Thank you everyone who commented on my blog post last week - as always very much appreciated.

A slightly quieter week for me - hopefully - although I do have two events to make for on Saturday, but thankfully nothing on Sunday.

Have a good week everyone.



  1. It does sound a busy time - hope today's wedding fayre yields good results :)

  2. Glad your events went well. That cake is really something, isn't it?

  3. congratulations on such a successful week! I'm not surprised your feel like putting your feet up now though with so much going on.

    Your table at the wedding fair is a beautiful spread, i love the variety of colours and styles on offer - something for everyone! :)

  4. So glad that you have had a couple of good days on the sales front. Your stall looks very inviting. That cake is amazing. I wonder what other wonders he has created?

  5. You have been so busy. I am always a bit amazed at how many fairs you manage to fit in. I have two coming up in about a month, and am already in a bit of a state about them.

  6. It's lovely to hear that the craft fair you attended was nearly 100% handmade craft. Just how it should be. Hope the quote comes to fruition :)

  7. Your invitations look classy :)
    I'm glad you had a good fair, I'm not surprised that you done well, here's to future wedding orders.

    Jan x

  8. What a busy time you've had. You'll be wanting a rest this week !! So glad to hear the events went well xx

  9. It sounds like you could do with a rest! You're right, that cake is awesome. Hope you have a good week x

  10. Good to hear your events went well. Your stall looks very nice. The splash of pink at the front is very eye catching.

    The cake is very unusual. Vegetables don't normally spring to mind when thinking of wedding cakes.

  11. Glad you had a good weekend Jill, your invites and stall look AMAZING.

    Hope you have a good week xxx

  12. Hi Jill, it looks like you had such a fun week. I love your menu cards - they look so proper. Have a wonderful week.

  13. You've definitely had a busy week. I love the way your stall is laid out too.


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