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Sunday 7 August 2011


Hi everyone

Hope your week has been good.

I was 'in work' for three days this week, but due to having stacks to finish off, went in for a fourth day - feeling generous as I am leaving.  It is a very strange feeling; I am happy to be leaving, but in a strange way think I will miss the frantic stressful time that the start of a new academic year brings - well, easy to say that when I know I will not be involved!  Hey ho, onwards and upwards.

Haven't done a lot of crafting this week, although I have been working on notelet packs as I think they could be a good addition to my range.  It has been a busy week though.  Had lunch with friends on Tuesday and it was great fun.  Sold some cards to one of my friends as had taken a selection along to show them - also took an order for a Blessing card.  So profitable as well as fun.

Worked on my website (again) but no further forward.  I have located a variety of possible templates, tried to load each one in turn to see how it would look and it appears none of them are compatible with the package I am using.  Disappointing as I did find some really lovely ones that matched the colours/patterns/designs I am looking for.  I have contacted the company I use for hosting to see if they can provide the clue to 'unlock' these templates.

I have joined the Guildford Network group following an invitation from Caroleecrafts and hope to attend meetings of local branches as I know it is a great way of promoting my business.  Once my 'day job' has finally finished (two days left at the end of August), I can better plan my time - well that's the master plan, but time management is not my strong point.

A short-ish blog this week, but a few requests: don't forget to become a blog follower on here.  You will get all usual blog posts, news about Jazz and Daisy, plus details of any special offers/new ranges or events I am taking part in.  Second request is to vote for my gorgeous cat, Jazz: - this is a competition for him to win a year's supply of food, which he has promised to share with Daisy.  The last request is for fellow crafters - if you are looking for a great craft forum, come along and join me on -  there is a link on this blog.

Have a great week everyone


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