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Sunday 6 November 2011


Hi everyone

I really don't think I am keeping up with everything I need to do and certainly not catching up.  It is a very busy time of year for everyone and there is always that nagging thought at the back of your mind saying: 'what is it I have forgotten to do?'  No matter how many techniques there are for ensuring you remember things, they don't seem to work for me.  I wonder if I should invest in a hand tape-recorder?  I had one many years ago, rarely used it and it got lost along the way.  I may have to ask Father Christmas for one - that is of course if I remember!

A very busy week - lots accomplished but the mental To-Do list still seems full.  I completed a short notice birthday card yesterday and that is my this week's  Handmade Monday make:

The card is for a primrose-loving person and I used a 'washed' background of primroses, and then mounted a photograph onto green card, which was then placed onto white card.  A happy birthday tag was mounted on green, then white card and fixed to the right of the picture.  I also made a complimenting post-it note wallet to go with the card.

No events this coming week - phew!  However, plenty coming up for the remainder of November, so have to crack of with the card-making.

A short post today.  Have a great week everyone and don't forget to visit the other blogs taking part in Handmade Monday - you will see some beautiful handmade items, great tutorials and really interesting posts.  I am out of email contact for most of this week, but will try to keep up to date with blog visiting and posting.



  1. That's very pretty, just lots of flowers and subtle. I hope you are rested up for the rest of your busy month. :)

  2. Time seems toget more precious dosen't it. Lovely card though. The planned recipient should be well pleased.

  3. The card is so pretty, love the primroses. As for organising just go with the flow.

  4. Lovely card - good luck with the upcoming events x

  5. Your primrose loving person is sure to love this card. I'm drowning in to do lists at the moment:)

  6. I have a hand held tape recorder and its invaluable when I am driving along and remember something I have to do.
    Your card reminds me of the delicious scent of primroses, so full of Spring

  7. The card is lovely, great colours and the 'washed out' background is effective. I'm not always organised, my husband says I'm never organised but I manage to muddle through, if I had a recorder thingy I'd probably forget to take it with me, run out of batteries or forget to switch it on until after I finish saying what I want to say. :o)
    Jan x

  8. The card is really pretty. I know how you feel with the to-do lists, I seem to have loads of them everywhere and never get any of them finished but keep adding to them! x

  9. I no sooner seem to cross something off my to do list when 2 new itmes get added. I think I need a longer sheet of paper!. Like the primroses and the effect created by the washed look. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. I have far too many things on my to do list and i never look at it when i need to anyway!
    The card is really pretty


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