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Wednesday 9 November 2011


Hi everyone

I have been 'resting' this week, well not really, but have not done much crafting with the exception of working on a special project.  Planning and thinking about the crafting I need to do, but it didn't get much further than that.  Richard has been on leave this week so we have decided to take some time out as the next couple of months will be hectic, both work-wise and social-wise.  One needs to get one's strength up, doesn't one?

The remainder of this month is very busy for me as I have lots of events that I am taking part in.  Don't forget to check out my Where Am I section to be sure you have up-to-date details of where Christmas Pie Crafts will be.

This is a very brief mid-week post but I do want to thank everyone who commented on my Handmade Monday post this week, but a particular thank you to those fellow-crafters who commented on the previous week's one.  My mention of a 'difficult' customer brought forth lots of supportive comments - takes the sting out of the experience.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone - I will be posting on Sunday/Handmade Monday



  1. You can't craft 24/7, the brain needs a break but you can enjoy your time with Richard. Have fun.

  2. Enjoy your little break (just looking at your upcoming list of events - you need a little break now!) Mich x

  3. A rest is good as recharges the batteries, have a good time


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