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Sunday 8 January 2012


Hi everyone

One week into the New Year and I have more or less stuck to my New Year's Resolutions - these are:

Extend the range of crafts that Christmas Pie Crafts will make and sell - stuck to that one
Work on my website - stuck to that one too
Lose weight/diet - er, not quite stuck to this (see below).

I hit the shops in Oxford Street with my sister on Friday (I bought some gorgeous 'things' for one of my new ranges - all will be revealed at a later date). and we had a great lunch again in Carluccio's (hence the note above about not sticking to the diet!) and so amazing that the weather was mild enough to dine alfresco.  I know that in town the tall, close together buildings do reduce the likelihood of chilly winds and cold temperatures, but it was hard to realise that this time last year we were all knee-deep in snow!  This is the second time this 'winter' that we have been able to do this and it was great.  However, as a gardener I appreciate the benefits of some severe frosts to get rid of bugs and some soil-borne diseases and I also know some vegetables need a good frosting - sprouts are just not the same without a touch of frost.

I stayed overnight with my sister and after watching a horror story - not sure if you have seen it: The Horror of the Bank Account Balance (a frightening tale that scares everyone who sees it) - we drowned our sorrows in some fizz.  Lovely.  The following day we visited the cemetery where our mum and her family 'reside' - our mum died ten years ago on 7 January and it is just as hard to cope with now as it was in 2002.  She had a great sense of humour, which I think we have inherited, so not a complete gloom and doom visit.

I had a good beginning to the New year as I won a prize on the Popular Crafts website - a book called Stitchopedia by Helen Winthorpe Kendrick.  Thank you Popular Crafts, it is a lovely book and I am really pleased to have won it.  It contains some gorgeous projects and made me recall the times in my dim and distant past when I spent a lot of spare time with fabrics: embroidery, dressmaking, tapestry, all things that fell by the wayside when I took up teaching.  I had planned to take up tapestry work again this year, and feel I need to spend some more time on the other 'fabric loves' of my life too.  With clothes being so expensive, and no longer needing smart work suits, the time is clearly ripe to get back into dress-making again.

So, to finish, I am adding two new resolutions:

Join a gym - I have found one that is very local to me but due to various other things taking place, I cannot join until mid- January.  My second new resolution is to visit my Blog followers and post on their Blogs more frequently.  My feeling is that as they have been kind enough to sign up to my Blog and it is only fair I post on theirs regularly - it may not be very week but I will try to comment every 2 or 3 weeks.

Although I haven't got any 'makes' to add to this week's Handmade Monday, I am going to join in as it is the first of the year and I am really looking forward to reading all the great posts from those participating.  So, come on, nip over to Handmade Monday and read this week's posts.

Now, what are your New Year's Resolutions are?

Have a great week - I will be back on Wednesday.



  1. *sits patiently waiting for the launch of the new line*

    Jill - cannot wait to see what new crafts you experiment with this year :)

  2. Well done on sticking to the majority of your resolutions, Jill! I have seen that horror film (infact it seems to be on monthly replay at the moment!) Uuurgh, gives you chills!

    Ali x

  3. This winter has been amazing hasn't it? Although my bulbs have come up very early so I'm worried about a late frost!

    Can't wait to see what your new line holds!

    Kim xx

  4. Good luck with your resolutions :) you have taken up a lot! which makes me feel im being lazy this year LOL

    i do like the blog-visiting resolution :) and extending your craft range. ive taken up knitting this year and at the moment I'm learning knitting basics. my target is to learn to knit a wooly Scandinavian balls :) so quite a long way to go.

    welcome to the gymming club. im back to mine this week!

  5. I think you have been very good with the blog commenting and always bother to read and write, so thank you from me. Love the sound of your shopping trip and intrigued as to what you produce. Have a good week

  6. Well done on sticking to most of your resolutions, losing weight is always the hardest! I look forward to the new line. x

  7. I've just embarked on the healthy eating thing but not quite got to joining the gym! Good luck with the resolutions!

  8. Well done on sticking to most of the resolutions! Looking forward to seeing the new crafts x

  9. Lunch at Carluccio's sounds divine, looking forward to the new things - Happy New Year

  10. Can't wait to see what you bought over in London town. Happy New Year

  11. Happy New Year, good to see you are making plans, I'm sure once you get started you'll have a lot of exciting things happening. Good luck with your new range of goodies.

  12. Sounds like you are off to a good start! I intentionally only had one resolution, one I was pretty sure I would keep up. I resolved to teach my dog one trick per week. So far so good, she's even learning them (holding up her end of the bargain--not sure what to do if she refuses to stick with it!) :)
    Good luck with yours.

  13. Good luck with your resolutions! Sounds like you had a great start to the new year and I'm looking forward to seeing all your new projects.
    Jo x

  14. Happy New Year and well done for making some resolutions - I never get round to it! Hey ho!


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